struggles of twenty something

1. Awkward Age. 

Sometimes you feel like there’s plenty of time to “get it together” or you’re too old to not be where you want to. That’s the beauty of nearing your mid-twenties. Soon you realize you’re nearing the dirty thirty however, you still have a little time to be young and dumb. Even when you feel like a grown women someone is always there to remind you you’re just a kid.

2. Finding your purpose.

Every year the pressure increases, everyone wants to know what you’ve been up to and why haven’t you perfected life yet. It doesn’t matter that you’re really trying and struggling you’re loving family needs answers by next Thanksgiving. No pressure!

3. Trusting the wrong people.

Why are red flags so much clearer when relationships end?


4. Figuring “it” out and then finding out you’re still wrong.

Look this is some twisted stuff. Nothing is worse than having an “Aha” moment, only to realize you’re so wrong. You proudly told the whole family you’re about to have an amazing career and feel bae is finally about to propose. A mere week later you’re secretly journaling “What is Life?” in a dark room.

5. Learning to say No.

We’re so young and giving.  “Yes, I’ll help you move”, “Yes, I’ll give you a ride at 4 a.m.”, “Of, course I’ll watch your kids.” Then one day you really need something and everyone is busy and broke. The struggle is not wanting to be mean but, not wanting to be used all the time.


6. Having champagne taste on a beer budget.

Twenty-somethings want it all. The money, the cars, and the clothes or we want to shop at Whole Foods like it’s Wal-Mart however, were poor. Beer it is!

7. Workout and be healthy or eat another double cheeseburger and be happy.

This is a real struggle. We know it’s only a matter of time before our bodies give up fighting the fat. Yet, here we are doing squats only because we dropped a salty french fry.


8. Being the bigger person.

Sometimes you just know you’re right and you have to let the world know. Problem is you usually can’t really express it without looking petty and childish. Being the bigger person is so hard!

9. Knowing when it’s fate or your fault.

Doesn’t it feel good to just say “Everything happens for a reason.” However its quite possible to screw things up on our own and fate is in the corner like “Nope, don’t involve me in your shenanigans.”

10. Knowing when to walk away.

Friendships, relationships, jobs, anything can have a deadline. How do you figure out when to stick through a rough patch or walk away before things get worst? It’s tough.


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  1. lol I can totally relate!

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