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Natural Hair Growth Tips

DO co-wash but DON’T Replace co-washing for shampoo
DO finger detangle with conditioner (I recommend V05) 
DO cleanse with an equal parts apple cider vinegar and water mix. This helps clean the scalp which is important for hair growth. 
DO protect your hair every night with satin bonnet or pillow. Other materials absorb natural oils and moisture necessary for retaining growth.
DO keep ends moisturized (SUPER important for coilier textures). It’s harder for natural oils to go from root to tip in coilier textures which causes dry ends.
DO keep proteins and moisture levels balanced. Try to get protein treatments once a month and deep condition once a week. 
DO avoid or limit heat as much as possible. Too much heat, even with a heat protectant, can lead to heat damage and/or breakage.
DO stretch hair with twists or braids before use of heat to help limit damage. Pre-stretching hair not only lessens styling time but cuts back on how much heat you will expose your hair to.
DO stay healthy and hydrated. The body needs lots of water and if you’re not drinking enough water it will affect your hair.
DO remember to take daily vitamins and biotin if you would like. 
DO use a water-based leave in product. Moisture helps prevent breakage from dry hair. 
DO cut split ends right away before they travel up the hair. You can not repair split ends, let it go!
DON’T over trim your hair. Cutting hair doesn’t make it grow faster and how often you trim depends on YOUR hair and its condition. 
 DON’T dye or bleach damaged or extremely dry hair. Healthy hair is more important than trendy hair.
DO blend bananas or avocados when making a DIY treatment before applying to hair. It’s very difficult and stressful removing chunks of fruit out of hair. Trust me!
DO wear a sports headband to keep water from dripping during the deep conditioning process. It soaks up extra water!
DO seal moisturized hair with an oil. 
DON’T add oil dry hair. 
DO use a sulfate free shampoo for routine washing.  Sulfate strips moisture which usually doesn’t come natural to black hair. However, if your hair has a lot of product buildup a sulfate shampoo works best. 
DO avoid ingredients such mineral oil, isopropyl alcohol, and petroleum. They’re either drying to the hair or block the hair follicles.
DO allow hair to rest in between protective styles. Overstyling will cause hair to break off. 


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