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You need t-shirts because….


You’re Lazy

Face it you’re really too lazy to coordinate colors, bags and shoes or lip color to a clutch. Either that or you don’t have the time to get ready. So I say, fake it til’ you make it. T-shirts can seem like a bold fashion choice if you style it right.
Let’s say you just woke up after you hit the snooze button 5 times, realizing you have nothing to wear. Side note: you really should have go to outfits ironed and ready to go in case of an emergency, such as someone actually wanting to take you on a date. So its morning, you’re tired and confused on what you can leave the house in and still look like a respectable adult. Ladies, heels are your friend; throw some on along with your tee and jeans or a nice skirt (even pencil skirts work). Also don’t forget to add some accessories like a statement necklace if the t-shirt is on the plainer side, or bold earrings, but not both.

You’re Broke

I know you see these celebs in their $500 YSL white tees or Kayne’s homeless man collection and laugh-cry at why life is so unfair. You wear a t-shirt and people assume a proper blouse was out of your budget. But oh when Beyonce does it, she makes the blogs for being a trendsetter. No fears you too can look like a trendsetter in a t-shirt that doesn’t take $500 out of your bank account and leave you with -$499. I know you’re temporarily broke, so you have to focus on accessories and quality essential pieces. T-shirts and accessories can be cheap, but essential pieces like jeans and shoes should be a bit of an investment. Balancing these things will ensure you don’t look like you ran out of good clothes to wear.


You’re Classy and Sassy

This is for my ladies that are young enough to appreciate a good t-shirt and old enough to own a good suit. Millennials are at the age where they’re proud to be at this stage in life. They want to be respected without losing their youthfulness. Wearing t-shirt with more professional clothes keeps the balance between I can close a deal in heels and I still occasionally have hangovers. If you fit this profile you understand the importance of a good t-shirt.


You Can’t Dress

Or maybe you’re an OG fashionista and you don’t need the help. However, if you’re the former then you definitely need a tee …or six. T-shirts are the best way to cheat at this fashion thing and if it’s not your first time here you know I love cheating at fashion.



The same t-shirt can be styled all the way up or worn with simple jeans and flats. As long as it’s in good condition (no stains, rips or holes) and the correct size, then it’s safe to wear in public. Yes, size does matter here. You may look adorable in a 3x tee when lounging around the house, but you will look ridiculous in a 3x tee with a blazer. Go no more than two sizes up, if the baby tee look is not your thing.


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  1. Yes! I love this article, thanks for sharing. I need to step up my t-shirt game.

  2. Your welcome.

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