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The year 2016 was filled with so much greatness and yet so much nonsense. Like black stars killing it on tv and Trump killing the American dream all in the same year. Seeing as we can’t leave the new Pres. in 2016 let’s take a look at what we can forget and definitely should forget.

Leave in 2016…

1. Leave in 2016 reacting to every negative comment made by internet trolls, f.boys and petty bettys with too much time on their hands.

Please stop allowing attention seekers to get under your skin, I’ve been there and it’s not worth it. Some people live to see others react to their ignorance. Most of these people don’t even know they’re ignorant so arguing with them is truly a waste of time. In 2017 there will sadly still be hurt black men lashing out at black women, racist Caucasians amped by Trump and in denial of their privileges and bored individuals that never had anything except free wifi and a fake Facebook account. Ignore them and save your energy for positivity, thank me later.


2. Leave in 2016 being evil (rhymes with witches) and calling it Petty.

Speaking of petty bettys, many don’t know there’s a line between pettiness and being evil. A while back the celebrity gossip blog The Shade Room asked its followers what’s the pettiest thing they did in 2016. While some of the responses were hilarious I quickly realized some didn’t understand how inappropriate their behaviors were and calling it petty didn’t make it ok. One lady responded that she got pregnant by her husband’s friend and then had an abortion. Another admitted to throwing away someone’s mail for months so they’d fall behind on bills and mess up their credit. First things first, how dumb are you to not only do the crime but to admit it to the world all for laughs and likes. These situations are not what most would consider petty and I’m shocked at how easily people admit to these sorts of things and see no error in their ways. Y’all aren’t petty yall are simply horrible people. Let that go in 2016 and please do better.


3. Leave in 2016 relationship goals that have nothing to do with healthy relationships.

Everything is not a relationship goal!

Now I understand we’re all different and I shouldn’t judge what you want out of life. However, let’s do better in 2017 and let our relationship goals be bigger than memes, material things and couples doing basic everyday things. Yes, that photo of a loving couple holding hands in their luxury vehicle adorned in diamonds is cool but please dig deeper. And what I really mean is holding hands is not a goal and your future boo just might not have a Maserati and money for a 10 karat ring. Please don’t settle, however, be realistic in 2017. Also, end the couple prank videos already!!!


4. Leave in 2016 Pyramid Scheme Entrepreneurs

Please don’t hate me for this but joining a pyramid scheme does not make you your own boss. Please stop asking if I want to change my life and sell body wraps and no I don’t want to lose 3 inches in 30 minutes. I’m sure this side hustle as made many people some extra money and that money may have very well changed their life. However, I wouldn’t exactly consider selling someone else’s products in return for commission entrepreneurship. Just sell the wraps but please stop trying to sell these Be Your Own Boss dreams. Speaking of scamming, let’s also let that go. Stop trying to turn $20 into $400 via Instagram, you know that doesn’t make sense.




5. Leave in 2016 these Hoteps and Fauxteps.

In recent years, we’ve (in the black community) began to claim titles like king and queen and it sounds great until some of us get so caught up in being “royal” we treat others like peasants. First of all, there is no way in hell we were ALL kings and queens. Someone had to build pyramids, farm and feed the grapes to actual royalty. So while I love the message behind using king and queen Hoteps have to leave the fake royal lineage in 2016. If you don’t understand how crazy these people are their leader has convinced them a woman’s menstrual cycle is unnatural. They also believe a naked natural haired black woman is a god but a naked black woman with a weave is a hoe. See the problem?

hotep meme funny

I pray we can all make an effort to let go of these five things in 2017. What are some things you would like to leave in 2016?

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  1. The glorification of petty in 2016 is petty and ridiculous! I can’t believe those people admitted to that type of behavior. It literally makes me sick to my stomach. Here’s to hoping people loose pettiness in 2017.

    1. Right, I was so shocked that they found humor in their behavior.

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