buy home or rent apartment

6 Choices Millennials Must Make

To Rent or To Buy

Recently, I’ve seen this topic come up a lot in conversations around social media. Is it better to rent or buy a home? There was a time when making this decision wasn’t as confusing. Years ago most people knew they would be home owners and becoming one wasn’t as difficult.But, now we live in different times and a lot more people are choosing to become and remain renters. The days of living with the parents, saving a few dollars, meeting the man of dreams and buying your first little home are long gone. So what is the best choice? That’s really depends on the person. Some see pouring money into something they will never own as waste of time. While some might argue that they avoid the responsibility of repairs, property taxes and debt. But, does the feeling of waking up into something you own everyday really trump the freedom and flexibility that comes with renting?

young entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship or Employee

In recent times there has been more people than ever that want to be the boss. However, not everyone is cut out for the position. Millennial women must decide if following recent trends will be more satisfying than taking on a traditional job. After all we still need our teachers, doctors, nurses, construction workers, and good police officers. There’s no shame in working for someone else, as long as you’re happy in your position. But, the struggle is figuring out if you we’re truly cut out to run a business, or is it best to work in specific field under someone else’s supervision.

go to college or not

College or Not

School is becoming more and more expensive and the job market is requiring more and more credentials. Between Sallie Mae robbing and McDonalds asking for at least Bachelor’s degree (not really), more people are opting out of college. Is higher education worth it? With so many holding expensive degrees and unable to lock down a good job, this is question often being asked. Yes, there’s a certain pride that comes with being an educated women in today’s world. However, when that education still leaves you working for minimum wage it becomes hard for many to feel inspired. So what is a millennial woman to do?  I remember doing the Disney College Internship a few years back and at the end a housekeeper at one of the Disney hotels asked me ” Would you ever be a housekeeper again” I proudly said “hell no.” She responded ” Well I went to college and I have my Bachelor’s degree” and left it at that. I never forgot her words. I was almost embarrassed to never consider she wasn’t working there due to bad choices. Please understand she didn’t inspire me to give up on school, just opened my eyes to the realities of life.

young marriage

Marriage or Single Life

Marriage has become something that less women aspire to. A lot of today’s young women are trying to figure out how to be successful, happy and take advantage of the selfish years. The selfish years are said to be the time in your twenties when everything is all about you,you and more you. For some the idea of a dream wedding, is already thoroughly planned and expected to happen by a magical number, like 25. It can be hard to explain either choice to family and friends. A few wonder why are you in a rush and the rest want you to stop delaying what is considered true happiness. The fact that society’s image of marriage, divorce and finding real love is completely discouraging doesn’t help either side. So do you choose to aspire to be a wife (among other great things) or would you rather date for as long as possible?

religion vs spirituality

Religion or Spirituality

More and more I notice people are abandoning religion and praising simply living a spiritual life. Apparently the difference is not being active members of a possibly godless church and following dated ideas of what makes a person good and focusing on just being good people. We no longer live in the days of grandma making sure you’re at every church service and bible study. So millennial woman have to decide, Is there truly a difference between being religious and being spiritual? Is spirituality just the simplified and trendy way to seem like a good person without putting in the work that religion can be at times. Or is spirituality just a great way to adapt to a changing world and for everyone to be more tolerant and peaceful? It can all be so confusing that some people choose to believe in nothing. What will you decide is right for your and what you may possibly instill into your children?

healthy vs fatty

Healthy or Delicious

If you haven’t noticed, food today is absolute trash. It looks good, taste awesome, but really what is it ? What are are these unpronounceable ingredients? Gmo’s? Gluten Free? Is this really natural? Why is it so hard to buy an apple without possibly getting cancer? Millennial woman have a hard choice to make. At this point it’s a matter of life or death. Scary! But, we must decide how important our lives and health are. Eating healthy can be difficult and I don’t care what any health expert says, it’s frickin’ expensive. Let’s be honest all the cheap food is tastier anyway. But, it’s important to start being more conscious of what we feed our bodies. So will you choose the big mac or learn to cook quality meals at homes? Are you going to read the packages and try to avoid the inside aisles of Walmart or is the ramen noodles too good?

What are some of the choices you are facing?

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