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Twenty-three of The Best Beauty Shade Names

I absolutely love the creativity and thought that goes into deciding the color red is too simple of a description. Even calling a lipstick or nail polish Bright Red Orange seems to not be enough. I imagine a group of young interns sitting around a table saying “ How about we calling it Lady of The Night Red”. At first, everyone’s a little unsure if it’s too risque but, after realizing sex sells some old white guy that lost his creative juices in the 70’s yells, ”GENIUS”. And that my friend is how I imagine my favorite lippie received its name. BTW that’s not my favorite lippie’s shade name. Take a look at 23 real shades I thought you’d find interesting.



Funny Lip Shade Names


MAC Cosmetics Shades


  1. Boyfriend Stealer (blackened plum)- OK ladies do you think purple is the new red in makeup? If you’re watching a movie the man thief is always a lady with red lips or a really shiny lipgloss. However, according to MAC keep an eye on that “friend” with the plum lips.


  1. Candy Yum Yum ( neon pink)- This shade was big, no I mean BIG maybe a year ago. It’s a beautiful bright pink and its name is everything. The name alone could have sold this product, debate your mother because I’m correct.


  1. Creme de la Femme (pink laced with gold)- I love how this shade just sounds luxurious and sexy. This is the shade you volunteer to share just because it sounds so nice to say. So your friends are talking about how PINK once swung from the ceiling during a live performance and you laugh and go “Speaking of PINK my lip color is called Creme de la Femme”. And no cares but, you still had to share.


  1. Long Legged & Fabulous ( soft baby pink)- I like to describe myself the same way. The modelesque physique wasn’t poppin’ til graduation and the high school boys became men. So yay for this shade, a celebration of being “ so tall for a woman”


  1. My Inner Femme ( intense orange-red) – So naturally I googled the word femme to avoid embarrassing myself with incorrect usage. One definition was -a lesbian. Although I doubt this shade translates to My Inner Lesbian, I still got a good laugh.


Colour Pop Shades


  1. Lyin’ King (saturated raspberry) – Not just a play on a classic childhood movie but, a really dope song by Jhene Aiko.  No idea what this has to do with the raspberry color but, if you get it let me know.


  1. Frick n’ Frack (rosy terracotta)- You may be familiar with the term Frick & Frack. You may not be familiar with it originally referring to two Swiss comedic ice skaters. I know the term, often used by my mother, to refer to two people who are always together. I know it’s boring when you break it down. But, c’mon you know Frick n’ Frack is quite a funny name for a lip gloss.


Too Faced Shades


  1. Unicorn Tears (iridescent shimmer)- I love this one. Everyone’s favorite mythical creature and some refer to them as their spirit animal. The Unicorn is this magical thing and its tears apparently, makes for the perfect iridescent lip shade. I’m here for it.


9. Spice Spice Baby (pinky brown)- Instantly makes me want to dance as if I were a teenager in the early 90’s ( I was born in 91’).


Essie Shades


  1. Using My Maiden Name (pretty blue hydrangea)- So…divorced, separated or cheating? It’s hilarious but, I need answers to the first question.


  1. Recessionista (smart, intelligent and savvy brick red)- Do I even have to explain why this shade is everything. I feel like this needed a better description because the name is giving me broke with expensive taste. Or maybe Target Chic. Either way, recessionista connects with my life all too well.


  1. Nama-stay The Night (energetic Goa blue)-  Maybe it’s innocent, may be it’s not. But, this is another example of the Namaste play on words thing that seems to be floating around social media (nama-stay home…). Apparently Goa blue sends the spending the night vibes.


  1. Hide & Go Chic ( covetable azure blue)- A play on words and a shade that’s more chic than childish.


  1. Size Matters (blazing hot ruby red)- Like I said sex sells and I don’t think they’re talking engagement rings. Do engagement ring sizes matter?


OPI Shades


  1. A Good Man-darin is Hard to Find (orange)- Can I get an amen?


  1. Baroque…but still shopping (metallic glitter)- Story of my life. How many of you’ll can relate? Just out here swiping knowing Bank of America employees shaking their heads in disgust.  


  1. Worth a Pretty Penne (brown metallic)- Not just a pretty penny but penne as well.  I’m always here for a food reference and is pasta not the key to a ladies heart? OK let’s be real all carbs hold the key to my heart.


  1. Where Did Suzi’s Man-go? (orange)- Took a minute to catch on to the man-go means mango part! But, who’s Suzi and why is her man missing?


Nars Shades


  1. Sexual Healing ( shimmering pink blossom)- Marvin Gaye lived so we can have dope lip shades like this one. I’m not sure if I’d tell my mother this shade if she asked, but I still think it’s an interesting choice for shade name.


  1. Super Orgasm (warm raspberry)- Woah! The people at Nars are something else. How do you tell the lady at church that warm raspberry is really called Super Orgasm?


  1. Super Vixen (sheer sparkling mauve)- Talk about the perfect alter ego name.


  1. Escume ( white polish)- This is the elaborate way to say excuse me but more like ES-CU-ME with a possible finger snap, mouth pop and neck roll.


  1. Back Room ( black polish)- What’s going down in the back room? I don’t know but it’s dark, mysterious and if Nars other name choices are any indication then the back room is probably inside of a strip club.

What’s the best shade name you’ve seen?

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    • Lulle -

    • March 21, 2016 at 20:49 pm

    I like MAC shade names in general, one of my favorites lately is D for Danger, which is also a great shade!

    1. I love for D for Danger.. just bought it last week!

    • Melissa -

    • March 21, 2016 at 22:10 pm

    I’m so happy you did this post! Once again I’m reminded of beauty products that I would buy for the name lol OPI does fun names all the time – I love I Just Can’t Copeacabana from their Brazil collection and the newest – Got myself in a Jimbalaya and Let me Bayou A Drink from the New Orleans collection.Great post! #blmgirl

    1. Those are good names too lol …thanks for commenting

    • Simone -

    • March 22, 2016 at 09:51 am

    This is too cute! I love my Flat Out Fabulous my MAC because yes I am, lol! #BLMgirls

    1. That’s a good one too lol

  1. Funny post! It’s more interesting to give them these names rather just calling it the basic color…so of them are definitely conversation starters. lol #BLMGirls

    1. Thanks!

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