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Before You Let Go of Those Relaxed Ends You Must Know

First They Laugh and Then They Will Copy

You will be treated like you chose to wear platinum blonde hair, blue contacts and speak with a valley girl accent. Except people can get over a black woman with blonde hair and blue contacts, but your natural hair, no that’s too extreme. While a lot of people will appreciate and love your hair, there’s a few with ridiculous opinions. For them you will need two things to gain respect; 3c/4a curls or really long hair. Accomplish any of these things and people will go from “wtf” to “omg, I need hair advice.” Don’t feel discouraged you can’t please everyone, don’t even try its exhausting. Instead you have to get so comfortable with yourself that the negativity makes you pity their ignorance and not yourself. Speaking of getting comfortable….

All the Good Stuff is Right Outside of Your Comfort Zone

When you first do the big chop, you’ll feel naked, uncomfortable and paranoid. You’ll look in mirror, feel unsure of yourself and assume everyone is talking about it. Thing is no one is paying attention to you. However, people can definitely sense insecurities. So walk with your head high like you’re Amber Rose without the Slut Walk dress. Get so comfortable with you people have to consider if they should step to you with negativity. Get so comfortable that people compliment you because they can sense you’re confident with your Teenie Weenie Afro (TWA).

If You Don’t Have It Now You’ll Never Have It

No product can define hair without a curl pattern. Read that again; write it down and save your money. You may think either your hair will be curly or coily. Guess what? It may be neither and that is ok. Don’t spend money on all those curl defining pudding and creams promising to grant a miracle. This is especially important when your hair has just been cut. Natural hair tends to appear one texture directly after the big chop and then the true texture will come shortly after. So don’t rush into product junkie life just yet. Start off with basic products:
          Shampoo ( a little)
          Conditioner  (a lot)
          Leave-in (water-based)
          Sealant (oil)
As your hair grows try a few products to test out what your hair responds to and build a regimen.

Some Like it Hot, Some Like it Cold

Everyone’s hair will respond to product differently. You may have heard that coconut oil is bae and you can pour it on your life because it’s that good. Well it’s possible your hair might end up hating it. If you find that the product everyone is going crazy for does nothing for you, then stop using it. The good thing about certain natural oils and butters, when they don’t work for your hair you can try them on your skin.
It’s important to find a regimen, with the right products that works best for your lifestyle and hair. Some women may be able to have long wash days, while some are too busy. If you need something quicker, then don’t try and rush a long process. You’ll just be wasting products and time. Some women live where it’s not very humid, so they can use things like glycerin in their hair routine to soften their hair. But, if you live in high humidity you’ll end up with frizz. Figure out what YOUR needs are.

Oil is not a moisturizer.

Oil is used to seal in moisture. Moisture = Water

Trimming Doesn’t Help Your Hair Grow Faster.

Only trim when necessary, this may be every 2 or 3 months for some.

Let it Grow

Hair grows ½ inch per month, that’s six inches per year. Most of the time hair growth is not an issue; you may have an issue retaining length. If you’re having trouble retaining length you need to look into what regime you’re using and alter it to your needs. Moisture is the #1 issue when dealing with natural hair. No moisture= Breakage and Breakage= No length.  Your hair could also have trouble retaining length due to heat damage and over styling hair.

It’s Longer Than It Looks

Shrinkage is your enemy and you’ll have to get use to. No one will believe your hair is growing because it will look short. Shrinkage can’t be dealt with using certain stretching methods. Such as:
          Braid Outs
          Twist Outs
          Bantu knots
The good thing about shrinkage is that it is a great protective style. Leaving your hair the hell alone is sometimes the best thing you can do for it. As long as you keep the ends moisturized and protected, this will also help you retain length.


Good luck on with The Big Chop. Confidence is Key. Moisture is King.

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