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Skin care sounds like it should be easy and it should be. However, it can be one of the hardest things in a woman’s life to figure out. It’s right up there with staying single forever or signing up for Tinder. We move through the aisles, staring at the shelves thinking, Which products are right for me?, Which company should I trust? and What’s the purpose of all these products? How many of us can agree that we really just want to wash our faces with one product and stay forever clean and clear (pun intended)? However, this is not the reality of life. Instead, we have cleansers, moisturizers, exfoliators,toners and spot and acne treatments. Unless you’re following a regimen designed by Proactive many women stick to a very simplified routine. This skin care routine usually includes a daily face wash, a sometimes moisturizer and an occasional exfoliant. While simple can most times be best for our skin, understanding your unique needs and having a REAL routine is  necessary.


Skin Care Routine


Put your big girl panties on and create a skin care routine now. Don’t wait until you find yourself relating to an anti-aging commercial and wondering where the time went. Skin care isn’t just about fixing a problem it’s also about preventing problems. If you deal with common issues like acne, hyperpigmentation, oily skin or dry skin then you know what it’s like to be drowning in a sea of options.


How does one build an entire routine when it’s so difficult to find one product? Research. Yes, you have to do a little work. But not any more than you already do  when you research that ex that you never got over. Don’t just watch commercials and let a brand sell you the same face wash with a new label and a new claim for more money.

8 Tips For Building a Skincare Routine

  1. Know your skin type
  2. Pinpoint any issue(s)
  3. Find out which ingredients tackles that issue ( such as salicylic acid for acne)
  4. Consider increasing your budget and focusing on higher quality products
  5. Look for brands that share the same values as you (like using natural ingredients)
  6. Read the reviews
  7. Purchase a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, exfoliant and serum (if needed)
  8. Use products at appropriate times for best results.

skin care routine tips

Need product suggestions? Try Nuxe

I was in search for a skin care routine that checked off my 8 tips above and felt Nuxe made perfect sense. Nuxe is all about nature & luxury. What more can a girl ask for?

nuxe facial oil

Using facial oils at night after applying your moisturizer will seal in all that moisture. Even though my face looks a bit greasy it’s not at all. Nuxe multi-use dry oil (Huile Prodigieuse) is non-greasy and can be applied to the hair, skin and body. And no I didn’t apply it to my wig. I know how much ladies love oils, especially my natural hair chicks. So, I have to mention that this bottle contains 6 of them:

  1. Macadamia
  2. Hazelnut
  3. Borrage
  4. Almond
  5. Camellia
  6. St. Johns Wort

You know my fro is drinking this bottle when I set her free!

how to build a skin care routine

Here are the rest of Nuxe’s products that I’m adding to skin care routine along with the golden shimmer dry oil.

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NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Usage Dry Oil • Nuxe • $29
NUXE Reve De Miel Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm • Nuxe • $19
Nuxe-Micellar Foam Cleanser – 150 ml • Nuxe • $22
Nuxe-Crème Fraiche Enrichie + 24 hr Soothing and Moisturizing Cream Dry Skin – 30 ml • Nuxe • $25
Nuxe-Huile Prodigieuse® Multi-Purpose Dry Oil Shimmer – 50 ml • Nuxe • $39

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