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 How to Make Vision Boards That Really Work

1. The most important thing you can do before creating a vision board is learning about yourself. Take the time to really pinpoint who you are, what is it that you need and want and how you plan to get it. Clipping out random images of things you find pretty will not motivate if they mean nothing to you. Of course, you want the final project to be beautiful but don’t lose sight of the message.


2. Choose images that focus on a balance of wants and needs. Images that represent or give a sense of peace when you see them are just as important as images of your dream home or even an expensive handbag. You want your vision board to be well-rounded and cover a variety of things that are important to you.


 vision board 2017


3. Vision boards can be created in notebooks, on poster boards or digitally (through sites like Pinterest or Canva). Of course, the digital form won’t have the same influence. If you do choose this route, a mini vision board on your phone lock screen or the background of your computer can work for you. They can also be incorporated into your home decor with a nice frame. This is especially useful for office spaces.


4. Be creative! If it’s not visually appealing you won’t ever look at it. Use lots of colors or create a theme for your vision board. Keep it a fun and positive after all you have look at this thing A LOT!


5. There is no standard size for a vision board. It can take up an entire wall, fit into your purse or literally take up no space at all (digital form). Again, be creative and don’t feel like there’s one way to do things.


6. There is no final version of a vision board. If something new inspires you it can be added at any time.


7. Remember to take a moment every day, even twice a day, to look at the visual presentation of your ideal self and speak life into it. Affirm that all that you ask for is already yours and in the right time, you will receive it.

how to make a vision board that works

8. Don’t feel discouraged when things don’t happen right away. They won’t because this not magic! There’s a right time for everything and you may be asking for things you aren’t ready to receive. Keep believing and most importantly keep putting in the work.


9. Goals always require action. Whether you speak to Jesus or the universe you still have to put in the work.  Imagine proclaiming a dream job is yours without having the first clue how to maintain the job.


10. Not everyone will understand your vision, never let that discourage you. As you create your vision board you may find yourself holding back in fear that something you want is out of your reach or embarrassing to claim. You may even let someone’s opinion of what is attainable goal hold you back, don’t.


how to make a vision board

Bonus Tip: Be open to possibilities. You will not receive the things you want EXACTLY the way you want it. But, you will have exactly what you need and the tools to get whatever you want.


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