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If You Must Shop, Then You Must Save

Have you heard of Groupon? It’s this really dope site that relieves that itch every shopaholic gets. You know the one where you haven’t swiped in 24 hours and realize your new stilettos need a friend. But, who am I kidding? You knew that! Whether you want largely discounted jewelry, a 10-day tour of Thailand or those special products under Health & Beauty that would make a Nun blush- Groupon has your back. However, Groupon isn’t just a place for discounted Apple headphone, they also have an amazing selection of coupons. And I know you love coupons the way I love coupons.


Groupon Coupons

So now that we’ve already identified that you like discounted things as much as I do, let’s discuss the best way to save. The last time I checked Groupon had 67,242 coupons from 9,897 stores. That means if you can’t find what you need you deserve the “It’s not me, it’s you” speech.

I believe the best way to save is to always look for promo codes or sales before I even decide WHERE I want to shop. If I need that new serum that’s supposedly the best out right now, I could just hit up Sephora. However, if Ulta is having an amazing sale on the same product then why must I block my blessings. You shouldn’t be blocking yours either. Take advantage of how easy Groupon has made it to save a few extra bucks with their vast variety of coupons. Then, take those extra bucks and add them to your saving account like the adult you are.

Reasons you need Groupon Coupons:

1.Your little one has been pointing at every single toy that comes across the TV screen yelling “ Mommy, I want that one”. Every. Single. Toy.

2. You’ve found yourself once again walking into Target with a hand basket and leaving with a shopping cart. Did you even pick up what you needed?

3. It’s almost Mother’s Day and your mother is secretly over the spa gift baskets with the cheap bubble bath that never actually creates a bubble. Also, flowers are about to get real expensive.

4. Speaking of Ulta Beauty, if you spend $15 you can now save $3.50 off your purchase. See you like that right? Well the code is on Groupon!


BTW this is a sponsored post. However, as always I promise to keep it real and all opinions are mine.

Now check out Groupon Coupons , your new go-to site that helps that little shopping habit you swear no one notices. It’s ok, though with all the money you’ll start saving everyone will be really proud that you’re making big girl choices and using coupons like an adult.

Also get your JoAnns coupon here. I’m creating a new post on an awesome DIY project that you’ll love even more than the 40% off coupon they’re offering.


Love Macys? Before you buy new shoes, clothes, home goods or beauty products ( What do they not sell?) check out these  Groupon Coupons and save big.

If you really love Groupon.. Prove It!
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  1. Love the adulting angle! I stay at a Michaels or Joanns but only when I have them coupons. Thanks for the tips! #BLMGirl

    1. Yes and the Hobby Lobby too… Thanks 🙂

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