black girl magic

What Black Girl Magic Is and What It Is Not


What Is Black Girl Magic 

Black girl magic is more than a hashtag for melanated women to show off their gorgeous faces. It is the connector of a community that often feels a disconnect with your standards of beauty. Black girl magic is empowerment for those women who are constantly on the receiving end of hate. It’s braggy in the best way and we don’t mind at all. Because, it’s not just about beauty, Black Girl Magic is also a mixture of personality, talent and intelligence. It is our moment to share with the world that through it all, we still rise.


We Are Not Superhuman

Being constantly torn down hurts and confuses us. Yes, we can feel! What did black women do that makes us so undeserving of self-love and happiness? Why do we have to follow strict guidelines on how to live, how to love and who to love? It seems like were being told everything about us has little to do with us and everything to do with your ability to be accepting. Should we write out what we would like to feel and ask for written permission before we allow ourselves to be free to experience an emotion?  
I can’t promise you I won’t use my imaginary powers to fly around and destroy things like Hancock. But, just encase I wake up like any of your superheroes, having the ability to evade punishment from committing crimes and still be the hero in the end, let me apologize now. Apparently, I’ve been watching too much news and PLOT TWIST I learned all my superhuman abilities from you. Until then I owe you no apologies, but I bet you would like owe anyway.


I am Black Girl Magic 

I get it. You enjoy this. This makes me seem like an angry black woman and that’s the only emotion I’m supposed to embrace. Well guess what you’re out of luck today. I’m not angry, I’m sad. I’m sad for you, because you feel intimated by little ol’ me. No scratch that I’m not little, I’m not playing small for you. No one questions your confidence, so don’t question mine. I am black girl magic and you will deal.  


Guess what? Today is another day I, like many black women woke up feeling on top of the world. We have already embraced ourselves flaws and all; your acceptance is no longer required. More than anything I wish you would understand that Black Girl Magic has nothing to do with you. 



Pro Black does not equal Anti-white.
Pro Black does not equal Anti-white.
Pro Black does not equal Anti-white.

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