you’re tall like  a giraffe

tall black girl problems

Yes, I’m wearing pants!

I bought this shirt the other day only for it to turn out to be a dress for a more vertically challenged woman. So of course I throw on some shorts only to realize that didn’t even slightly help. Cus’ legs too bomb! I don’t know how many times I had to explain to someone that I was wearing pants. This is just one of the many struggles that come with being a tall girl.

Tall Girl Problems

  1. All I want for Christmas is my maxi dresses to fit past my ankle. to not have to roll my pants and to find dresses that don’t look like I work the corner.
  2. I’d also appreciate if short people would stop asking me how tall I’m trying to get when I wear heels. I’m trying to be tall enough to not hear your dumb questions.
  3. Insecure men that think they have to point out you’re tall for a women. Thanks for reminding me I would of forgotten without you. And yes I consider these men insecure because it’s only a few that do this.
  4. When you get into that very rare mood to exercise, hit that first jumping jack and quickly realize you forgot to turn off the ceiling fan. Being tall is a safety hazard sometimes.
  5. I just hate when my outfit is on point and I jump in the front of a group picture just to get directed to the back. Guess I’ll just pray I don’t blink.
  6. Nothing sucks like trying to be childish and drive your kids toy car, but you can’t fit. Don’t I deserve happiness too!

But, you know what things can be worst, I could be short and I don’t have time for those problems.


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