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At some point within entering my 20’s back pain became a normal part of my life. On a positive note I became legally allowed to drink around the same time so there was a silver lining. Normally for women, back pain can be a major issue nearing that time of the month or during pregnancy and after childbirth. But for me, my back ages 40 years in 5 minutes just from walking or standing too long. Naturally, this prompted me to do a little research.

First I needed to know, Why does my back treat me so dirty? Did Eve bite the apple and really create this thing where back pain is just a part of PMS as God’s revenge to women. Probably not, but back pain is actually really normal around this time so what can one do?


Bad Tip #1 Drink a few bottles of wine and eat a few pounds of chocolate while watching a stereotypical chick flick until the pain stops. And also cry a little ( supposedly it’s apart of being a woman or something).

More than likely the reason back pain is a major issue for me is actually linked to my posture. MIND BLOWN.


Good Posture Is Key

Yes, posture is everything and I’m a millennial so I didn’t have someone to smack me for not sitting properly. So I try to remind myself throughout the day to pull myself together and stop sitting like a bum. It’s very easy to get super comfortable when Netflix and Chilling sans an actual companion. Because, good posture and shaved legs aren’t really a priority for single women. But, now that I’m considering not dying alone,achy and humped over I have to find a solution. One thing I’ve mentioned in previous post was practicing yoga. The right yoga poses are really good for easing lower back pain. Poses that allow you to stretch such as child’s pose and spinal twist are my favorites.

What Do You Do For Back Pain When Yoga Is Not Enough?

The people behind Back Level sent me an awesome pillow designed like no other. Of course, I had to share my honest review with you guys and let you know the deal with this pillow. Back Level’s back support is designed to give support where your bed normally doesn’t. It’s also not in those weird speed bump shapes that look extremely uncomfortable. What I love most is that I was able to use it when laying on back, side, under my neck and sitting up in a chair. To be honest, the first night was really awkward but that stage didn’t last too long.  The way the pillow curves make easier to get comfortable compared to other back pillows. And because I often have to sit up for long periods to blog I really appreciated the extra support and how it helped me keep my posture when sitting during the day. Like I’ve learned, good posture is key and will gradually reduce back pain over time. Also, Back Level’s back support pillow may be the thing you need when yoga isn’t enough.

Check them out here.

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