basketball wives season 5 ep 1

Basketball Wives L.A. Season 5 Ep. 1 Recap


Who’s Back

Basketball Wives L.A is one of Shaunie O’Neal’s many kids.  Very popular for having drama times 10 and a lot of fighting over not a damn thing. If you remember last season ended with Shaunie letting cast member Brandi know her services were no longer needed. At least that’s what me and the other 12 people that still watch assumed. However, we were clearly wrong because Brandi is still here and came with her DJ sister/friend to help fight those battles. Along with Brandi, another returning cast member that’s not leaving a dime of BBW:LA money behind is Two Screws Loose Jackie Christie. Jackie is such a special character. According to her if Doug’s balls are empty then he’s probably cheating because she performs nut checks like a ex-prison guard TSA agent. Jackie oh Jackie will you ever let Doug off his leash?

Angel is also back with another Angel who also has a strained relationship with an athlete. Angel (the white one) also appeared on National T.V. in an outfit that of course had ANGEL printed over the entire jumpsuit. So much fun, right?  Tami Roman is also still holding on to that tv money and is back with youngin’ bae. Did you know she miscarried three times? She says they’re still trying but the previews lead me to believe there’s trouble in paradise. Best of luck with the babies and bonnet videos Tami.

Last but not least Malaysia Pargo is back and under the impression that Brandi ( her bestie) should fight for the marriage with her cheating husband. Interesting or not? Brandi is closer than redneck cousins to letting this friendship go. I’m not sure what Malaysia’s story line is other pretending to like Jackie and irritating Brandi’s sister.

Basketball Wives L.A. is on its last season (according to me). Shaunie should have been releasing something new while she still has some of our attention. I mean she’s on a Papa John’s commercial or goodness sakes, the time is now. Use all of that creative juice and give us something good and not necessarily ratchet. I guess Draya ran off on the plug at the perfect time (hope I’m using Plies lyrics correctly).

Questions That Need Answers.

Should Brandi apologize to Shaunie again?

How did this get renewed?


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