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Bad makeup brushes will ruin your best beauty moments. Imagine you’ve completely mastered the look you want only to realize your selfies say otherwise. Little pieces of bristles stuck to your face or areas that are horribly blended are what happens when your tools aren’t up to par. Yes, this is embarrassing however completely avoidable. See I don’t believe expensive brushes are a necessity as long as you take care of your tools. This includes remembering to discard them when they begin to fall apart and being careful of which products you use to clean them. Harsh chemicals are always a NO, they will destroy the adhesive keeping the bristles together. The thing is, before you have an opportunity to take care of your brushes you kind of need to buy brushes first right.

My Goodies

Z’OREYA Cosmetics reached out and wanted me to check out their products and share my honest thoughts with my YouTube viewers. And that’s exactly what I did. You can check my thoughts and unboxing of my Z’OREYA goodies below. Because, I wanted my review to be 100% honest I even did my makeup on camera with my new brushes!

Makeup Brush Review




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