You’re Better Than This (2)

“Beauty Is Pain”

Getting weave installed is such a pain in the butt. It takes forever, the stylist usually attempts to braid hair that hasn’t even emerged from the scalp yet and I bet you’ll get pricked with a needle at least once. Then there’s the other popular alternative, GLUE. That charcoal colored glue is nothing but the devil himself coming to take your edges back to hell. But, as my mother use to say when I was still getting relaxers “Beauty is pain.”

Sidenote: I realized that’s actually a really horrible thing to say now that I’m all natural and semi-woke and what not. ( Semi-woke= Not about that Hotep life)



Today, I discovered a video that had me shocked. I can not believe weave has come this far and I will not keep this video to myself. I’m not sure if this is brand new or if I’m the last to hear about it but there’s currently  a better way to have extensions installed. I’m talking no glue, no thread, no clips to snatch you roots out and edges off. Ladies, I think you’ll really appreciate this one.

Check out these braid in bundles!

New Hair Extension Technique: Braid In Bundles

I think this is crazy dope and great time saver. What do you think? Could this be your new protective style?

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  1. Wow!! I haven’t seen that before. I had to leave weaves, wigs, and even braids alone. I can deal with crochets but I’m interested in seeing how these braid in bundles work.

    1. Me too .. I think it makes for a great protective style

  2. […] It doesn’t matter how far the natural hair movement has come weave is still one of those things we won’t be letting go of. The thing about getting extensions is that the process simply sucks. Luckily for weave lovers, there are so many creatives out there inventing new ways to get you the look you desire. Previously, I shared a the braid-in bundles method that everyone was on the fence about. I thought it was pretty interesting and actually worth a try. You can check that post out here: Braid In Bundles […]