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On February 4th, 2018 Superbowl LII will attract football fanatics around the world, Justin Timberlake fans and lovers of the most hilarious commercials you’ll get all year. In reality, this is the only time you’ll want to see ads interrupting your show. One commercial that was recently released is Amazon’s Alexa ad. It’s filled with several celebrities such as Rebel Wilson, Anthony Hopkins, Gordon Ramsey and Cardi B. Cardi B definitely stole the show but the commercial in its entirety is worth a watch. It’s hilarious and every celebrity brings something different that will make laugh out loud for sure.


Cardi B’s over the top personality, sound effects, and music snippets are a big part of this Superbowl ad. However, what many are interested in is the look she is serving. Cardi wore a white and red hand painted trench coat called Working Woman from These Pink Lips. These Pink Lips is a really cool brand that sells dope pieces that make a clear statement on women’s empowerment. With words like “Pussy Not War”, “She’s The Boss”, “Look Don’t Touch”, and of course “Working Woman“, as seen in the Amazon ad, painted on various clothing pieces and accessories it’s clear that this brand puts no boundaries on its art. In fact, those examples are quite mild compared to the rest of Iris Barbee Bonner’s beautiful work.

I’m not a Boss Bitch… I’m a Boss, Bitch!


Cardi B’s look can be purchased at These Pink Lips. This fabulous trench coat is made to order and no two coats are exactly alike. Check them out!

How Do You Feel About Clothing That Makes Bold Statements?

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