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Mary Poppings Wants Her Bag Back

BAG LADYYYY ( in my Erykah Badu voice) you need more fabulous bags in your life. I don’t know if you’re anything like me but since high school, I’ve had a thing for switching up my bags like my underwear. I know that’s pretty normal but, I use to change my BACKPACK to match my clothes. Now that’s less than normal but It was just my thing. As an adult, I find it more important to have at LEAST one bag that goes with the majority of my wardrobe. This staple  everyday bag is my black Steve Madden that doubles as a crossbody. Which is awesome because mommy needs her hands to be free.

best trendy clutches of 2016

However, one is not the right number when talking about purses. There are way too many designs, styles and colors to only have ONE.  I need a few crossbodies , clutches, satchels, and totes. Honestly, I have no need for the other styles although I do think bucket bags are pretty dope.

Sidenote: You couldn’t pay me to wear one of those baguette bags. I’m 5’9 it’s inappropriate for a woman of my stature to carry that little thing that awkwardly fits directly under the armpit. To the baguette bag’s credit, there’s no way you’ll get robbed while wearing one.

Then there’s design and color. I need a statement piece, a neutral, one that says hire me and another that says just hand me a margarita and walk away. Options, Options ,Options are always best when getting dressed.

Clutches are by far the most fashionable choice right now. Which is pretty crazy considering we now have three times of much makeup needs, our phones are basically laptops and where am I suppose to put my emergency kit kat bar? With complete disregard for a woman’s real needs, the clutch as pushed those Mary Poppins-esque bags out the way and stolen our hearts. Time to put my everyday bag aside and jump on clutch bandwagon.

Statement Clutches

So bag ladies and mean this in the good kind of way, what’s your favorite kind of bag?

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