25 by 25


1. Forgive and Forget
If there is someone or something that you can’t move past, give it an expiration date! Don’t bottle things up and allow them to destroy you.

2. Travel Somewhere
Apply for a passport and experience a different culture.

3. Be Happy and Single
Never feel as if being in a relationship is a requirement for happiness. Spend some time alone and really get to know yourself.

4. Complete a 30 Day Challenge
Challenge yourself to workout, go vegetarian, or save a set amount money in 30 days. The possibilities are endless and also rewarding.

5. Love Yourself
Practice daily affirmations that focus on self-love and acceptance. Half of loving yourself is finding the positives. The other half is accepting your flaws!

5. Learn How to Cook
If you already know how to cook then challenge yourself to make something more complicated that you can show off.

6. Build Something
Build something that requires a power tool, even if it came from Ikea.

7. Have a Savings
By the time you’re 25 have some I don’t need to call my parents emergency money. No pressure!

8. Learn How To Say No
Even if it’s to yourself!

9. Go Wine Tasting
Because, Moscato isn’t your only option.

10. Have a Workout Routine
The older you get, the harder it is to lose weight and stay fit so start now.

11. Have an Age Appropriate Wardrobe
Your wardrobe should be more than t-shirts, sneakers and club dresses at this point.

12. Try Something Out of Your Comfort Zone
Go zip-lining, kayaking, camping, anything that gets you excited and maybe even a little scared.

13. Have At Least One Best Friend
Don’t go through life alone. Have someone to be corny with and tell you when you’re being ridiculous.

14. Learn to Budget Your Money
Soon you’ll want things that cost way more than new heels, like a home. So learn to budget sooner than later.

15. Have At Least One Epic Night You’ll Never Forget
Even if it’s a cliche as a trip to Vegas?

16. Buy Your Parents a Nice Dinner
Show the people that put up with all your “awesomeness” some appreciation. Grab the bill and don’t forget to tip

17. Learn Accountability
Even if your childhood sucked and you feel like everyone failed you. It’s time to accept that you’re an adult, you’re in control of your life and the outcome.

18. Have a Hobby
It could be as simple as reading or more challenging like playing a instrument. What it can not be is
binge-watching TV shows, unless you plan on blogging about it.

19. Know Your Relationship Deal Breakers
Deal breakers are not that he’s only 5’8”, please don’t die alone! If you won’t date an atheist or someone that doesn’t want kids, know that and stick to it.

20. Face Your Fears
If you face your fears you’ll no longer have any excuses to not accomplish things you really want.

21. Stop Doing Things That You Hate
Whether its a job, relationship or you’re still trying to be society approved! Stop It!

22. Have a Favorite Book

23. Volunteer
Spend some TIME making a difference in someone else’s life.

24. Stop Being Catty
Cattiness is really about personal insecurities and secure woman don’t tear down others.

25. Find Your Passion!


What are your life goals for 30?

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