Forty-one millennial naturals were surveyed on how their hair effects their confidence levels.The results concluded that only one woman admittedly feels her best self with relaxed hair. Of the remaining 40, twenty women felt their most confident selves with their natural hair and the other 20 preferred weave and other protective styles.


To get a better understanding of why they made their choices take a look at some of the responses.

I Prefer ….

Mari A. saysMy hair is naturally really fine no matter what I do. So I prefer the fullness of weave”

Tanisha S. saysWeaves, because my natural hair isn’t long enough yet”

Dominque T. says ” I adore my natural hair, don’t get me wrong but I’m lowkey Beyonce so a good weave brings out my alter ego. I don’t mean straight, it could be kinky curly weave as well it gives me the look that I hope to have one day once my natural hair grows some more.”

Lola D. says “Only because I like my hair straighten. It was easy to unwrap my hair and go. Now that I am natural I do not straighten my hair often only 1-4 times a year. If I am in a rush I would end up with a bun and frizzy edges. With a relaxer, I can have no makeup on but my hair would still look nice while being natural I can have no make on and if I am in a rush my hair will look messy. So it’s all bad.”

confident natural hair








Terrick T says “… with a relaxer the smallest amount of moisture I had an afro. When I did my big chop, I wanted to cry because I thought I looked like a little boy. My mom gave me a pair of earrings and said, “It’s ok, it’ll grow on you, you look cute!” Then I began getting comments from strangers and joined this group and my confidence grew stronger than before. Now I’m doing my own hair for free when at first I would go to the beauty shop every two weeks and have braids every summer. Look at me now!!!”


Naijah Y. says “I felt so natural & uniquely beautiful. It’s easy to obtain a straight style or a weave but no one will ever have your hair… The exact curl, shade, length, texture. It’s beautiful to embrace and love something that comes from your scalp. Plus there’s nothing like letting the wind blow past your coils.”

alicia mega puff








Alicia R. says “I LOVE my natural hair! I always felt like I was hiding behind my relaxed hair. People would always tell me that my relaxed hair was so pretty and blah blah blah so I felt like I had to keep it because it’s what everyone else liked. Once I big chopped I felt free and instantly fell in love! My hair is more healthy and I’ve grown to love it even more as it continues to grow! I love being a beautiful black natural woman”


big ass fro qween

Qween M. says “I love my Natural hair and I feel most confident with it. I take so much pride in nurturing and embracing its unique textures. (I have a few). I abandoned it for so long not knowing how beautiful it is.”


Elisabeth O. says “I think it depends on what you have been exposed to. When I was on the creamy crack I felt good and confident with it. But I would always worry about sweating, rain, it frizzing up after a while or the wind destroy my style. So I was constantly worried. Being natural is a whole different ball game of confidence. I walk down the road thinking dang I know I look good. I don’t ever have to worry. I know that I stand out but I love it because it’s positive.”

faux pontail








Marcia P. says “I seem to receive the most compliments when I have on weave or ponytails. Not to say that my confidence level is altered. But I believe what society views as pretty may be one reason why weaves are more acceptable, even in a corporate setting. (All natural on left… faux pony on right.)”


Do naturals feel most confident in their natural hair?

Not necessarily.

If anything naturals feel their best selves when they don’t have someone defining their natural hair journey for them. At the end of the day, women just want good hair days. That’s it!

Black women want a quality weave, nice braids, defined twist outs or amazing afros. If that means wearing a weave that brings out her inner Beyonce, she will wear those extra-virgin-unprocessed-organic 8a bundles hot off the boat from a Chinese factory and it has nothing to do with her self-esteem. The women that felt most confident with protective styles felt it was more about getting more length and fullness.

She doesn’t NEED weave, she WANTS it. Simple.

Confidence is defined by “a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s own abilities or qualities.” A lot of naturals find confidence in being free to cut, twist, braid or letting their hair be free. This is because they put serious effort and money into perfecting every curl or coil. There’s pride in finally figuring out how to tame a fro. For those that voted on feeling their best in their natural state, it was all about pride.

It doesn’t matter what standard of beauty society sets. Confidence comes from living up to the beauty standards you set for yourself.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. I loved anything I did to my hair, firstly because I love me. For me my confidence doesn't come from what I'm wearing on my body or on my head. My confidence comes from within. I do notice I get more attention now than I ever did when I was relaxed or even weaved. I love being loc'd but it doesn't make up all of me, its just a part.

  2. That's great! And you're absolutely right, confidence should always come from within.

    • Cristi -

    • March 18, 2016 at 10:04 am

    I loved this because there is always some debate about wearing weave. People assume you’re not confident with yourself or you’re self hating. I personally prefer protective styles because for me it’s low maitainence. I am natural and the time and energy it takes to get my natural hair to look the way I want takes too much time on a daily basis… So I love a good big bushy weave or a straight wig the versatility is endless. I love my natural coils and curls too and when I have time to tame them they are fabulous as well! I’m confident either way! Thanks for sharing this.

    1. I agree with you completely. I love my natural hair but, the versatility that comes with protective styles can’t be denied. Thanks for reading.

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