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What’s Up With The Dollar Tree?

The Dollar Tree is the type of place you need to add to your bucket list. Ok, maybe don’t do all of that but definitely go check it out if for some reason you haven’t. Just know even when you guys see me on some 30 under 30 list  I’ll still be at the Dollar Tree buying batteries to put in my home theater seat warmer remote on the weekends.

There’s so much you can get for a dollar but this doesn’t mean everything is worth the purchase. Yesterday I found out they sell frozen chicken drumsticks, steak, and a variety of other foods that will either cause you to grow an extra arm or lose both of your big toes. But hey chicken being too cheap is truly a first world problem. Beyond the frozen food section, there are tons of useful products. Like party supplies, cleaning products, and it’s honestly your first stop if you’re moving into a new place and need to save money on EVERYTHING. But, don’t eat that chicken! There’s even a makeup area that you can sometimes find products you buy elsewhere anyway. I’d be wrong to tell you this entire section is worth a trip but after all, this is still the Dollar Tree. Please don’t show up and ball out with your last paycheck, be aware that some things are absolutely worth the higher price.

I buy all of Kaiden’s workbooks and learning posters here and there’s an aisle that happens to be perfect for teachers and stay at home moms. But, honestly if you’re a parent you need to be in this section religiously anyway.  However, I’ve managed to ignore these four particular shelves for years. What’s on the shelf you ask?


I’ve always been a reader but as you get older and have kids books turn into tv and sleep. Now that my little ones can be given a toy or tablet and leave me alone for a record time of 5 consecutive minutes I’m finding it easier to read these days. Of course, it’s still hard to get caught up in a storyline with a baby smacking every page you turn to but I make it work like Tim Gunn would say.

dollar tree books

Dollar Tree Books

I was actually shocked to see that the Dollar Tree sold books that were actually interesting. You know companies send those flyers in the mail claiming if you buy one book you get 5 free and all they need is your social security number, credit card information and fingerprints. Then you’d send them all your paperwork including a blood sample ( just to be sure) and in return, you’d get six books with Fabio staring intensely at some blonde draped in white sheets. I always assumed the Dollar Tree sold those kinds of books but instead of Fabio it was Fabian. To my surprise, the books are pretty legit. They even had a Piers Morgan book that I almost purchased until I remembered who Piers Morgan was. Thank god I caught on before I wasted a precious $1.06. I bought a coffee mug with it instead.

what to buy at dollar tree

If you have 5 extra minutes in your day, go grab a new book.I promise you won’t lose a limb! Unless, you buy that chicken.

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    • Cristi -

    • June 7, 2016 at 11:58 am

    I’m with you in this all the way! I find good trinkets for flat lays, party supplies, and the candles are great if you’re a habitual candle hoarder like me lol but the food, mehh… Lol I can definitely live without. Not to get all uppity but $1 steak? I’ll pass. Lol Glad I’m not the only one

    1. I’ve never tried the candles. I read somewhere the smell didn’t match the labels.. Maybe I’ll pick up a couple next time

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