how to buy a car

How to Buy a Car

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Armed with confusing math formulas, British literature and a basic understanding of physics many are thrown into the real world barely needing any of these things. It doesn’t matter if your formal school days were 2 years ago or 20 years ago irritating is realizing all those research projects didn’t make you any better at finding reliable transportation of your own. Isn’t owning your own vehicle slightly more useful than understanding Shakespeare? Maybe you were expected to recite a sonnet at your local dealership and woo the salesman. Which leads me to my first car buying tip, never recite sonnets for your car salesman, it sadly won’t get you a better deal.

Pinpointing your ideal car before you plan a dealership visit is highly recommended. Of course, this isn’t the easiest task considering there’s so much thought that goes into making such a big purchase. You have to ask yourself, is your biggest concerns budget, safety, fuel efficiency, size, appeal or some sort of combination of a few of these. And how do you avoid falling in love with every shiny red car without really know if it’s truly the best for you?

Best Online Car Buying Site has the largest database of car reviews by actual consumers. With access to car reports, recall information,  pros and cons, quality photos and videos, the ability to compare vehicles and consumer reviews you have the tools to make the best car choice for you or your family. These tools allow you to walk into any car dealership prepared so you can avoid being pressured into purchases that don’t fall in line with your budget or lifestyle.

The best car buying tip you will never learn in school is to use to simplify how you find your perfect car. Both the site and app are very easy to navigate and the only site you need for your next or first car purchase.

First Time Car Buying Tips

If you are a first-time car buyer has an informative blog section that really guides you through this often overwhelming process. You may be concerned about what is the best first car for you, auto loans or even just how to negotiate as a first-time buyer. does a great job at presenting everything you need to know in an uncomplicated way.

Also, check out What You Need to Know Before Car Shopping Today for the most current facts on car shopping.


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