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As more hair products promising to smooth and straighten kinky textures hit the clearance section of every major retailer, it’s clear that embracing natural hair is more than a trend. Every day hundreds of women do the Big Chop and decide that kiddie perms will never be introduced to their daughters. Black women everywhere are learning to love, accept and care for their hair in ways that often inspire those around them. However, the reality is as much love as the fro receives it gets almost an equal amount of hate.

As adults, black women learn to deal with the criticism that comes with loving their coils, kinks or curls and accept it as part of the experience. This means ignoring the hate and waiting for the hair advice request to roll in. However, little girls who face criticism from their schoolmates and often adults, aren’t always as resilient. As you can imagine this is almost always a hit to a young girls self-esteem. With the mind-boggling lack of representation little black girls are still looking for images that don’t force them to question themselves. Along with very little representation, there are the negative comments and reactions to the natural looks they’re eager to love.

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Jamies Loves Her Natural Hair

Jamie Loves Her Natural Hair is a children’s book perfect for teaching young black girls to embrace their hair. Its filled with vibrant illustrations of experiences that they’re familiar with and empowers them through reading. The author, Ariane Roberts, has dedicated this book “to all the girls who once doubted the beauty of their curls” and it deserves a spot on every little black girl’s bookshelf. Here is something our daughters can see themselves in and build their confidence up. If you would like a little girl in your life to have this awesome book you can check out jamielovesherhair.com.

teach little black girls to embrace their hair

What’s your number one tip for embracing natural hair?

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