bride dancing to beyonce

Every girl has her dream wedding perfectly planned in her head and sometimes overly planned via Pinterest. Even if she’s single, has been for 10 years and her idea of date night involves 26 episodes of a cancelled show via Netflix. As a child, she may have dreamed of a huge white princess dress, hundreds of emotional guest and prince charming smiling like he’s genuinely happy to be there. Then by her teens, it becomes something super romantic, super expensive and super unlikely. And finally when she passes her dream happily married age she’s willing to settle for just the husband. The reality is a Justice of the Peace ceremony could be the beginning of forever and a grand wedding at fancy Chateaux Wecanliveinmyparentsbasement can end within the first year. Especially if you spend all your saving on the wedding and force him to live in your parent’s basement.

Now this is not a post telling you to kill the big wedding dream, just trap the man and live happily ever after. This is more about the evolution of weddings and doing what the hell you want. We live in a beautiful era where traditional is almost lame but I totally respect you if that’s your thing. A couple can get married in a courthouse, a barn, a forest or a fast food joint and people are just surprised they got that far. Ok, honestly truly don’t get married in a fast food joint that level of ratchetness is never acceptable.

Have you noticed how more couples are tailoring their big day to their personalities and making it less about pleasing everyone else? It’s crazy because when they choose to throw away the checklist of what makes a perfect wedding their guest tend to enjoy it more. Like food trucks, pizza bars or a delivery from a local burger spot instead just poorly made chicken or salmon dishes. Yes, it’s unconventional and probably not cheap but if I went into a reception with an authentic taco bar I might actually bring a gift. How about full out dance performances by the bridal party or sometimes the bride and groom. Check out this viral video of Melissa Molinaro dancing to Lil Mo and Beyonce for her new hubby below. She’s not the first to do it but I can’t deny this was an amazing performance.

Bride Dancing To Beyonce

Even if you don’t have thousands to spend, dancing abilities and access to the best venues, nothing beats a lot of creativity and personality executed flawlessly. To see weddings become more about families stepping into the couple’s world and not some formula of what their world suppose to look like is a beautiful thing. Even seeing men being equally interested in that day is refreshing. Sometimes even planning the entire thing without their partners knowing like in the Forever Duncan wedding.


I’m not sure if you saw the #foreverduncan hashtag by now but it will definitely make a thug cry. This wonderful man Alfred Duncan proposed to his girlfriend Sherrell, treated her to a makeover and a photo shoot all in one day that she later learned was her wedding day.  Check out that very emotional video below.

What a time to be alive! Sherrell even got married in a black dress. That just goes to show how much we’ve evolved. Again she’s also not the first to do it, however doing what the hell you want is the new norm and I love it. Black, blush, taupe, red and ombre are some of the popular alternatives to traditional wedding gown colors. However, the colors aren’t the only thing changing the dresses are getting super sexy, sheer and will probably raise your grandma’s blood pressure a bit. I’ve also noticed cowboy boots and Converses become the norm. Some silly person even tried to make wedged bridal sneakers a thing and now I have to mention that there is a line. The line is at wedged bridal sneakers! I’m not going to give wedding or marriage advice for the obvious reasons, HOWEVER, please don’t do anything you’ll look back on and cry about such as:

  1. Spend all your money.
  2. Conform to everyone’s ideas.
  3. Wear wedged bridal sneakers.

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