false lashes vs eyelash extensions

Eyelashes are never going out of style! In my opinion, they are the second most important thing to perfect when doing your makeup, the first being eyebrows of course. For me, lashes have been a struggle that I just recently figured out. I was determined to get it right because nothing hurts more than seeing your highlight on point, eyebrows on fleek and eyeshadows perfectly blended and then baby lashes that even the greatest of mascaras couldn’t enhance. You not what? I lied, there is something that hurts more than that! You ever saw a man with natural lashes so perfect you had to question god why life is so unfair. WHY GOD!


False Lashes vs. Eyelash Extensions

Once you decide that it’s time to be a big girl and enhance those eyes then your second step is deciding what method for applying these lashes you’ll go with.

False Lashes

I prefer false lashes that I can do at home, peel off at night and reapply when needed.  This method is great because it’s super affordable and allows you to switch up your look constantly. Sidenote: If you didn’t know there are tons of different types of lashes. You can buy them with a natural look, super glamourous, absolutely ridiculous (if that’s your thing) or really funky with rhinestones, glitter, feathers, colors. There are so many options and also different materials like mink if you’re fancy or synthetic fibers if your budget says that’s what best.

However, the fact that I have to take it off and reapply is a pain in the butt. The only reason I even remove my lashes is because if I asleep in them I’d wake with one attached to my cheek and the other on my eyebrow.

Lash Extensions

To be honest I’ve never tried lash extensions. But, I’ve been wanting them for the longest! The biggest Pro for lash extensions is that they can last for up to 8 weeks with proper care. This means you have to be careful with what cleansers you use that may be great for removing makeup but terrible for keeping lashes. If you don’t actually wear makeup they will more than likely last up to the 8 weeks. I recommend using some sort of facial wipes to afford any issues when cleaning your face. The con is doing this at home is a terrible idea. You could ruin your natural lashes and become a Pinterest Fail, don’t become Pinterest Fail people.

Now keep in mind one of the overall positives for wearing any type of lash is that you get an instant made up look. You will always be cute and can even sing “I woke up like this” without lying for once. However, the only way to ensure you don’t wake up with a lash on your pillow is by sleeping sitting up or getting eyelash extensions. I don’t know about you but latter sounds like a bad idea.

Now have no fears I won’t just leave you guys hanging with that information and not guide to step three.

Disclosure* This is a sponsored post, all opinions are mine and I Shanae Wildgoose of The Urban Eclectic hold no responsibility for any issues or health risk encountered when trying any advice at home.

Step #3 Where to Get Lash Extensions?

Like I said, not at home! There’s actually a fabulous site called Groupon that has a huge selection in Health, Beauty, and Wellness to guide you to the best place to get the lashes of your dreams. And while you’re there check out all their other amazing  Groupons and get your entire life right. Groupon is the best one stop place to purchase a variety of things and services for the entire family and the name says it all. They even have eyebrow tinting groupons!

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