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Anastasia Beverly Hills or Nah

I have the kind of goals that will push me to be the fabulously successful and a genuinely happy woman that god designed me to be. I also have a few insignificant goals that will get me nowhere and honestly are more about easing my not so godly need for material things. Like buying 97% of the items I find on Asos. It’s a silly goal right! Well, it’s not like Asos is completely out my budget but those things add up and I want it ALL. 

So what does all of that have to do with fake Anastasia Beverly Hills? Well,  Aliexpress was one of those places I always wanted to purchase from. Apart of the reason is my love of getting things in the mail that don’t claim I owe someone something.  After receiving a bunch of gift cards,  I finally had my opportunity to buy things from China that may or may not be a scam. By the way, never use your bank card when ordering from China. Scammer life is real.

I had no idea what the hell I wanted to buy. But of course, makeup is usually the first thing I search for. Now understand buying makeup from China is like getting a hotdog on the side of the road. It’s good but only God knows what’s in it, on it or has been near it. Due to the fact that I’m not a makeup snob I will wear MAC, Covergirl, L.A Colors & Jordana without shame. I assume that many of these companies use the same manufactures anyway. So I bought the liquid lipstick that came highly recommended via Aliexpress’s search box. It was twelve dope colors for the low cost of $25. Excited wasn’t even the word to describe my new discovery. I thought to myself this is the most legit looking makeup (packaging wise) I’ve seen on this entire site. So I confirmed my order and the wait began.

Two months later I received my order after previously discovering something quite shocking. Anastasia Beverly Hills is an actual brand that sells high-quality cosmetics and I never heard of them. How is that possible? I just ordered 12 fake ass versions of a highly rated brand and I’m the last person on earth to even know this brands name. Not my proudest moment, Sorry Ana :).

aliexpress matte lipstick
The top two are “Lime Crime”. I know this brand but, didn’t notice it was Lime Crime til it arrived. I HATED them (sticky) and decided to give them away.

So now that I have the fake stuff I HAVE to go and buy the real one. But, I will be honest and say the fake one is pretty fricken good. 


Super Matte


Smudge Proof


Doesn’t dry lips

party pink Anastasia Beverly Hills



What’s it made of?

Inconsistent formula

sweet talker Anastasia Beverly Hills

I can’t complain because the makeup was too good to be true! Although, I really wish it wasn’t a fake I can’t deny that the formula is better than a lot of makeup I currently own. My only complaint is that the formula is inconsistent in one of the shades, as seen in the photo above (Sweet Talker). Other than that I’m pleased and will be purchasing the real deal so that I can compare the real and the fake. No more fakes for me, I’m still concerned about whats in it. But, obviously not concerned enough.

lovely Anastasia Beverly Hills


blood line Anastasia Beverly Hills


Always buy the real thing out of respect for the brand. Don’t make my mistake.

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  1. As I posted within the other thread, suppliers on Alibaba will rip you off ninety nine% of the time
    by promoting you counterfeit objects or telling you to send
    payment utilizing Western Union.

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