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Protective Styling & The Wig

How many articles have you read about protective styling? A lot right. By now we know the how’s, the why’s and the when’s but it’s something about the where’s that never seem to be quite enough. Don’t get me wrong we can probably buy virgin hair at a gas station these days but, where the hell can we find everything else? Side note: Say no to gas station weave!

For those seeking the easiest protective style known to man there are wigs. But let’s be real when we think of wigs you don’t often think beautiful, natural or youthful. Many of us hear wig and think grandma and her “special occasion” hair and no one really wants to look like grandma.


Two months ago the question “Why do people hate synthetic wigs?” was asked to a Facebook group of over 156,000 natural haired women (and men). For those that choose to comment some felt that synthetic wigs can look like plastic and unnatural. However, so many women were happy to show off their unique and on trend styles. They mentioned that although wigs, especially of the synthetic variety, were often associated with negative terms most people would never actually guess that their wigs were synthetic in the first place. What does that say about the evolution of wigs? You couldn’t possibly look like grandma at bingo with the quality and styles that are being created today. But what we still need to tackle is THE WHERE.

Where can we find fabulous and affordable wigs?

Divatress wants you to “Feel like a diva. Be a diva.” They are an eCommerce beauty store that provides tons of products right at your finger tips. Many black women have issues finding good beauty supply stores that provide a wide variety of products and this site definitely gets the job done! I know we discussed synthetic wigs¬†however, if you’re still not sold they also offer human hair options.

Check out these photos from Divatress site. Also there new items here:WHAT’S NEW

short side part afforadable wig

blue ombre synthetic lace wig

affordable curly synthetic lace front wig

long straight human hair wig cheap


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