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2015’s Biggest Pop Culture Moments

Last year was filled with so many moments that either made us laugh so hard we cried at the dumbest thing to be created in 6 seconds or sparked conversations on slut shaming.  I don’t think a day went by that social media didn’t keep us glued to our phones as we made attempts to keep up with the constant creation of viral news and videos. Let’s take a look at some the moments that had everyone talking in 2015.


Remember That  Time a Potato Flew Around a Room?

I’ve seen this about 100x and LOL every time.

Or When Amber Rose Led a Slut Walk


Something about the name Slut Walk makes me want to sit down. What are your thoughts on slut walks?

How About That Time You Lost a Friend in The White vs Blue Dress War.

white and gold or blue and black dress

Did we ever solve this issue? I can’t imagine why anyone would see a white and gold dress as blue and black.

Call Me Caitlyn Happened


And the world simultaneously yelled ” That’ssss what you’ve been up to! After her reveal,  there was so much conversation around the Trans community it’s almost like Laverne Cox ….. Anyway, this happened in pop culture in 2015.

Remember When Little Sis Got a Little Too Excited?

This didn’t happen in 2015 but I saw this on every possible site last year and it’s a classic! “Blueberry Blueberry”

Or When Cookie Lyon Took Over The Small Screen


She was released, she saw, she conquered! I love Cookie Lyon, her post-prison style gives me life and minus the criminal record, she’s boss goals.


Nick Cannon & Mariah Carey Divorce


First of all, how is possible that they were married for six years? Doesn’t it seem like this random and unlikely couple walked down the aisle and confused the world just a short 3 years ago? Either way, they sadly divorced and now Mariah has her 20-year-old body back and a new man. As for Nick, he’s still secretly the boss of like 30 companies.

Remember Drake Hot Line Blinging in Every 2015 Meme


One of the biggest songs last year was also apart of some of the biggest memes and parodies. Even after all of the jokes Meek Mill still took all the L’s.

What was your favorite pop culture moments in 2015?

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