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The times have changed ladies. You can take a break from those brown/black fros, coils or curls. Millennials are changing up the natural hair game in amazing ways. Not just with bold and creative styles, but with vibrant and bold colors. It’s not new news that black women haven’t always been widely embraced for having wild crazy hair. Often being considered ghetto for wearing anything that wasn’t straight and brown. It’s so amazing to see women today go outside of what’s expected. What’s wrong with wild and crazy anyway? It’s about time our hair matches our personalities.
Remember when showing up to school with a red rinse in your freshly permed hair was as far as self-expression went. Now a girl can wear candy pink or smurf blue and no one assumes she lives near a trap house. Progress.

How Do They Do It?

I myself have envied some of these ladies ability to have healthy, beautifully dyed hair. You may not know this, but taking care of colored treated hair is quite a task. That is if you choose to dye it before learning how to care for your natural hair first. Hair dye can also be your worst nightmare if not done properly. I’m not talking uneven color or the unintentional green results. I’m talking drying and damaging if used on hair that is not in its best state. Add in the fact that natural hair already is in a constant battle to stay moisturized and you get the picture.

What I do know for sure is that if moisturizing was your friend before make it your best friend when dealing with dyed textures. This is especially important when using a process that requires the hair to be bleached. I’m not trying to scare you away from coloring those coils. Just scare you into taking proper care of your hair first. You do want to keep all of that hair right? I thought so. Make sure you’re using water based products because water will always be the #1 moisturizer. Also, seal those ends so they don’t break off.

A lot of women think they’ll do the big chop or transition and automatically have healthy natural hair. They may be thinking:
– Coily hair appears thicker so it must be stronger.
– I’m chemical free so my hair is stronger.
– A little dye is better than a lot of relaxer.

None of this is correct. Now they’re experimenting with bleach and colors because they feel like natural hair is strong enough to take. Without using a regime to actually get hair healthy enough to handle these chemicals. If you’re the type that believes oil is a moisturizer, and you don’t trim because you’re afraid of losing length, stay away from hair dye.

So while you may be entranced by that bright blue, 4a fro that Instagrammers are hyperventilating over, it might not be for you just yet. I say 4a because naturals love hyperventilating over 3c/4a hair. No shade (#alltexturesmatter). Anyway, before you decide to color make sure that your hair is healthy, retaining moisture and your ends are trimmed. I’m sure you want that color to pop and your hair to have a nice healthy shine. Most importantly, this will help avoid damage and breakage. That lady with the blue hair more than likely has been taking very good care of that fro. Do yourself a favor and do the same.

Boxed Dye

Speaking of damage and breakage, let’s discuss boxed dye. I bet majority of you guys have one in the bathroom waiting to be used. Or maybe you’ve walked past the hair dye aisle every time you go to the store thinking “One day I’ll go for it”. While I absolutely recommend going to a professional for quality and reassurance, I know better. I know you’re at home thinking “Girl, please just tell me about this box dye so I can begin”. Well since you’re probably going to do it at home anyway, let me share a few tips.

1. Look for alternatives if you’re unsure of what color you want or afraid to use a chemical. Try hair chalk or eye shadow for a temporary look. Yes, I’m serious!

maybelline color tattoo on hair

This is Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye Shadow

2. Mix more than one box of dye so that your hair will be one even color.

Quick story: One time I tried to dye my hair honey blonde using only one box of dye. At the time, my hair was in a tapered cut and thought one would suffice. I ended up with leopard type spots in the back of my head. See what I mean, please use more than one box.

3. Follow the directions on the box. Don’t just slap it on the roots and tips at the same time; you’ll end up with an uneven color.
4. Deep condition before you dye. Words to live by. In this case, deep condition a week before you dye and right after you’re done.

Skip The Box

Box dyes usually include, one color, a developer, and a conditioning product. Try purchasing your color and developer separately at your local beauty supply. When in doubt go to Sally’s Beauty Supply, they have tons of professional products. Buy multiple shades of the same color for results even better than the box. I now you thought that Cream of Nature was popping, but there are even better options out there.

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional. I only speak from my personal experiences and I did my best to gather accurate information for your pleasure. 

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