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Hello June!

As we have come to the middle of 2016 faster than McDonalds running out of ice cream we have to wonder what will the next six months hold. The thing about goal-setting is, you never know the real timeline of the goals you set. You may want to buy that car, start that business or grow those edges in the next 6 months but god just might block all of that. Because everything happens in its time (that means there’s a right time for everything). This doesn’t mean stop setting those goals or creating those vision boards. How the hell else will you know what you’re doing with your adult life? Not only do you need to set goals but you need to audit them.

Auditing your goals means you have to investigate, survey, evaluate ( I sound like TD Jakes as I say these words BTW) and analyze what you been up to for an entire six months of your life. I know that six months felt like a Sunday night before a Monday morning work meeting but it happened and you need to be aware of how you’ve been living.  Auditing shouldn’t be as daunting as if we we’re discussing taxes. Just a quick and painless check to refuel you for the next six months.

Newsflash: In some crazy way the last six months of the year moves faster that the first. Stay woke!

So what did your favorite blogger( ME) do? I created a lil something something to help you audit your life. I heard goaldiggers love printables the way GOLDdiggers love paper(money). So get ya’ll lives and get into this free mid year goal audit printable. I made sure it wont suck all of you guys ink too. You’re welcome!

2016 Goals Audit

mid year life audit


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