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Are You Following This New Trend?

Trends are so random and this is no exception. Dad hats decided they wanted to be more in 2016. This trend initially began last year but, not everyone has caught on yet. Although it has recently became a trend the style its self is pretty old, well as old as your dad. If you’re wondering where we are in this trend take a look at the image below:



There’s a good chance you’ve worn a dad hat a few times and haven’t considered it fashion forward once. That’s because sometimes fashion is not about recreating something new but, reinventing or styling something old. Hats in themselves have been a big trend throughout 2015 and were starting off 2016 in the same way. It may not be the most chic and the name is definitely not the most appealing however, it’s a cool trend for the right girl. Are you the right girl?

The difference between looking like you stole your father’s soft cap that he’s owned for 15 years and Rihanna, is the styling. Styling is everything. Of course it’s quite difficult to pull off Rihanna’s eclectic style but not impossible. You ever notice how Rihanna can wear a silk nightgown with Converses and still manage to look pretty dope? Most women, including me, can’t rock fashion like Rih. Luckily,  there are other fabulous women with equally incredible taste. You can always keep it safe like Teyana Taylor’s look below with jeans and still be cute and on trend.



Here are six ways to wear a dad hat:




Diva Dad Hat



All Black Dad Hat




Skater Skirt & Dad Hat




Dad Hat Mom Jeans




Leather & Fur



Boyfriend Jeans Dad Hat


Do you like the Dad Hat trend? 

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