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How To Stay Ready So You Don’t Have To Get Ready

I’m a creative planner preparing to win in 2016. I realized I keep praying for things I wasn’t ready to receive and now I must change my strategy. First, I must put this over-planning habit to good use. I understand that when we make plans god laughs, trust me I make him cackle very often. However, planning and goal setting will always be necessary. What I don’t want to do this year is write a list of resolutions on a napkin that conveniently get lost by January 31st. So I did a little investing in myself this time around. I invested time into writing out exactly what I want and most importantly exactly what I need. I also put my creativity to use and made it pretty, we’ll get to this in a minute. Secondly, I invested a little money into  “The Blueprint”, as I call it, and I had it professionally printed. Yes, I’m serious, I made it pretty.

What exactly did I do?

I  hopped on and created a 8.5 x 11 in book that outlines what I will be focused on all year. Basically, new years resolution turnt up and detailed. I believe making things visually appealing makes me more likely to stay focused.

What’s in The Blueprint?

The Blueprint is a small, 10 page book that includes:
My Personal Mission Statement
Things to Accomplish By 25
Ways to Invest in Myself in 2016
My 2016 Mantra
In 2016 I Want to… Feel…, Try…, Improve…, Learn…, Go…
My Goals
List of Affirmations

Can you tell I’m getting ready?

2016 is the year Shanae Wildgoose ( that’s me) wins. I hope that I inspire you to switch up your strategy. The last thing I did was place The Blueprint in a spot that I can see it everyday and I can touch it everyday. My goals aren’t just words on paper they’re the blueprint to what I envision as my ideal life.


” Life is a dash of finding yourself and 2 cups of creating yourself. Sometimes, each cup needs a splash of wine”


Here’s a look at a few pages of my creative planner:


the blueprint creative planner
affirmations for positive living personal mission statement creative planner2016 mantra creative planner
2016 custom year planner


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    • Zaakirah -

    • December 29, 2015 at 20:06 pm

    I love it! I never thought to use Canva to map out my goals and plans. You took a lot of time to create yours! I love it! Happy new year!

  1. Thank you, yes Canva is bae. Happy New Year!

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