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5 Ways to Style Black Leggings

Styling black leggings is not at all complicated. So why not wear the most comfortable item you own to more than just a store run? This basic clothing piece is a necessity to all fashionable women. So, it confuses why some chicks just don’t understand why these are acceptable pants. ¬†Anyway, no need to worry about those joy killers, let them stay uncomfortable in their mid-rise starched jeans. I know one thing for sure, the creator of leggings deserves all the blessings in the world. You’re a genius!

Now that we all understand that black leggings are bae, let’s get something straight.

1. It’s completely possible to style black leggings and not look that chick in high school that realllyyyy needed attention.

So you know that whole wear a long shirt with leggings thing, do it. Or don’t if you’re past the burning bras phase of feminism. You guys can style it which every way you like. I believe long shirts are better because, while I do think leggings are acceptable as replacement pants I also recognize that they will never actually be real pants.

Which brings me to my next point…

If you’re going to attempt to vamp up this very basic item the least you can do you is spring for a nice pair. That means they should be thick enough that your underwear remains a secret and long enough so they don’t hit you right below the knee. Those calf length leggings are so awkward in my opinion. Like grown up and buy the full leggings.

Ankle length because…

  1. Hides unshaven legs
  2. Looks better with any shoe that wasn’t designed for the gym
  3. You’re an adult

5 Fabulous Outfits with Black Leggings

Pearls style black leggings


Dress It Up style black leggings


Could Shoulder style black leggings


Mixed Prints style black leggings


Red Hot style black leggings


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