perfect personal space
perfect personal space

Getting the Most Out Of Your Personal Space

How Do You Want to Feel?

A house is not a home without a little personality. Maybe even a lot of personality. This is especially important in bedrooms. A bedroom should be your personal escape from the outside world. It’s where you go to relax and unwind from a hectic day. Believe it or not the decor in your home can affect your mood. Everyone should have a space they look forward to hanging out it.The lighting, color scheme, decor and furniture are all important parts of creating the perfect space.

First, you must consider where does your personality and the feeling you desire meet. For example, you may have eclectic taste and want a room that makes you feel peaceful. Often times eclectic can seem to be busy and cluttered. However, if done right it’s absolutely possible to get both. So, let’s say you want a faux fur rug, a masculine leather headboard and floral prints in your decor. Choosing more neutral tones can give you that peaceful feeling and not lose your personality.


Balance is also important. If you have heavy furniture use bright colors to brighten the room. Don’t use too many big pieces in one room. This is especially important in small rooms. Heavy furniture instantly take away physical and visual space. For darker rooms and avoiding that cave like feeling, lighten things up with light furniture. This can be in color or size.

Bigger is Better

Using mirrors in small spaces gives the illusion of a larger room. Also, using acrylic furniture is not only on trend but really opens up a room. To make ceilings appear higher , install the curtain rod just below the ceiling to add height. Using brighter colors also makes a room appear larger.

Color me …

So we know bright colors brighten a room and dark colors give a cozier feel. Colors are very important when creating a personal space. If you want a room to feel sophisticated you may choose to use blacks, charcoal, purples…etc.  But, what happens when you love bright pinks? The thing with the color pink is it can be a very girly and/or immature color. So this is where balance and color schemes are important. Using pink as an accent and not the main color choice gives a balance of personality and style. I’m not saying it’s impossible to make pink not seem childish, but lines can get crossed quickly. Therefore, you should be careful not to cross the line between childish and lively.


Don’t be afraid to get into decorating. You don’t need a large budget either. Places such as Home Goods and Hobby Lobby sell quality, reasonably priced decor for any style. Let’s say you have a small budget. Use a cheap lamp and purchase a nice shades. This is the beauty of decor. It’s takes a basic space and gives it life. If you’re limited to how you can alter your space, decorating is more essential to you. Using an area rug, throw pillows, vases and nice bedding should be your focus.

Create a space that fits your personality!

  1. Find your color palette
  2. Paint the walls if you can
  3. Put up some art
  4. Fill a vase with your favorite flowers
  5. Buy quality bedding
  6. Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

Fit For a Queen


Mixed Prints


A Little Shabby Chic


Blacks and Whites


Pops of Color


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