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How To Make The Best Coffee Scrub For Amazing Skin

“All You Need Is Coffee and Mascara”

In this case we won’t be drinking our coffee; instead we’ll be exfoliating with our favorite morning ingredient. Exfoliating is the best way to remove dead skin, leaving behind smooth, glowing results and unclogged pores. Clogged pores will definitely bring back that acne from when you were 14. You don’t want that life, that life was a rough one. Now that we know the greatness that is exfoliating lets discuss how to not destroy your skin with this skin care method.

Many women love St.Ives brand daily face washes. They’re cheap $3-$4 in Walmart and they use all the ingredients we were told work perfect for skin. You know things like apricot, green tea, grapefruit and oatmeal. Problem is these products shouldn’t be used daily. Exfoliating can be hard on the skin and you’re skin needs time to repair its self. According to “You should not use an exfoliant every day. Your skin needs time to regenerate its topmost layer, which exfoliation strips away. People with dry skin should only exfoliate once or twice a week, while those with oily skin can exfoliate two to four times a week.

Back to The DIY Body Scrub

I use ground espresso because it’s finer which means gentler on the skin. Regular coffee may be too rough and you should always avoid using it on your face or bikini line. I use a DIY Coffee Coconut Brown Sugar Scrub on my face and body a couple times a week. It leaves my skin smoother than your newborn and has helped loosen some ingrown hairs on my legs from shaving with a razor. Did you know that ingrown hair can happen anywhere? 


ground espresso scrub

Coffee Coconut Brown Sugar Scrub Recipe

1/2 cup of ground espresso
1/2 cup of brown sugar
2 tbs. of coconut oil
1. Mix all the ingredients together.
2. Use in the shower a couple times a week.
3. Store in a covered container, just as you’d store your coconut oil.

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