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Flaxseed Gel: For A Natural Hold

With so many unnecessary, hair drying ingredients we can’t pronounce, it no wonder naturals are looking for alternatives. Well here’s a great alternative, flaxseed gel. It’s 100% natural, doesn’t dry out your hair, very budget friendly, and gives great curl definition.  What’s even better is that it’s extremely easy and quick to make. So naturalistas if you want a better option, try this flaxseed gel.

Items You Will Need

1/2 cup Flaxseeds
2 cups of Water
Vitamin E (or other essential oils of your choice)
Empty Container

Step 1. Bring water to boil
Step 2. Add flaxseeds
Step 3. Stir and reduce to medium heat
Step 4. You should notice a gel forming, add additional water (in small amounts) until the consistency is to your liking
Step 5. Strain into a container when the seeds are longer floating to the bottom.
Step 6. Let Cool, then add a few drops of essential oil
Step 7. Keep refrigerated until ready for use.

For longer lasting flaxseed gel, avoid putting hands directing into mix when styling hair.

That’s it, easy right!

I’m doing the Max Hydration Method, which also is helping define my hair!


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