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Club Sandwiches & Conch Chowder

I remember as a kid my mother and I went to this little restaurant in the Bazaar (located in the Bahamas) and we ordered this club sandwich and a bowl of conch chowder. This club sandwich wasn’t anything uniquely made, exotic or even exclusive to that particular restaurant. But, that sandwich was everything, especially next to that hot bowl of conch chowder. You’d think I’d be more impressed by the chowder that most people can’t make or have even considered making. I don’t know if that bonding moment between mother and daughter made it more special but I swear I still make attempts to make a club sandwich that great. 

Creative Foodie

I am a foodie. Not in the way people misuse the word to describe their greed. But, I enjoy binge watching cooking shows like the seasonal baking championships, I’ll Have What Phil’s Having & Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. Not because the food looks amazing and worth every fat, calorie and grease stain but, for the fact that the simplest meal can be elevated to please every part of one’s palate with a little creativity. As a creative myself I’m always looking for a way to make any and everything more interesting, like sandwiches. 

Parts of a Sandwich

A good sandwich can be made with white bread, mayo, American cheese and some sort of lunch meat. Maybe even a little iceberg lettuce and tomatoes if that’s what you’re into. That’s a good sandwich, but a great sandwich that you can actually post on IG and hashtag food porn has barely any of these ingredients at the same time.

If you wanted to take things up a notch you have to try different ingredients. Let’s look at some ingredients that will you learn how to make a better sandwich.

You Could Do That or You Could Do This

Iceberg or Romaine, Spinach, Arugula

Mayonnaise or Aioli, Pesto, Jams

American Cheese or Muenster, Gouda, Brie, Swiss, Provolone, Cheddar, Gruyere, Mozzarella, Bleu Cheese

Lunch Meat or Salami, sliced roasted chicken breast or turkey, fried fish

White Bread or Flatbread, Hawaiian rolls, Ciabatta, Brioche, Rye, Sourdough,

Extra –> Fried egg, Avacado, Bacon, Prosciutto

One of My Favorite Snacks: Brie & Salami on Hawaiian Rolls

brie sandwhich

The only thing missing is fig jam, which wasn’t available and I had no patience to go and find. Either way, it was so delicious, creamy, salty and sweet. TRY IT!

The Leftover Sandwich

roast chicken sandwhich

The night before I made this I was too lazy to cook. So I picked up a Publix lemon pepper roasted chicken and an apple, cheese, walnut salad kit. Publix has the best food for a supermarket if you didn’t already know. The next day comes and I’m hangry (hungry + angry). I had no idea how to solve this problem until LIGHTBULB, sandwich time. I toasted the honey wheat bread, spread on a little mayo and honey mustard, then added the roasted chicken, muenster and the salad from the night before. All that to say I made a damn sandwich and it was freaking delicious.

The salad itself was a mix of spinach, arugula, lettuce, diced apples, candied walnuts, blue cheese crumbles and a cherry balsamic vinaigrette. All that flavor on top of lemon pepper roasted chicken and melted muenster cheese was perfection. Yayy for leftovers!

What’s your favorite sandwich?

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