Stress is being in a crunched for time, needing to do your makeup and realizing your brushes are disgustingly dirty. The thing is you probably planned to wash them everyday for the past month and got distracted by Netflix’s genius idea to simultaneously release an entire season of OITNB.

How cruel is life? Have something beneficial to your quality of life to accomplish and here comes procrastination strutting into your life like the whore HE is. But listen sisters in makeup, if you desire to never revisit 14- year old pimple faced you, then you must find time to wash your brushes. If you deal with adult acne then YOU MUST WASH YOUR BRUSHES.

Thanks to the advances in technology there’s no need to spend hours scrubbing Maybelline Fit Me out of your precious Morphe brush’s. Say it with me ladies “Adjustable Speed Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner System.” Yes it’s as good as it sounds. Lazy girls get in formation because this baby cleans and dries in half the time!


How to clean dry dirty makeup brushes fast


How to clean dry dirty makeup brushes fast

This is NOT a sponsored post just in case you assumed. The Luxe Makeup Brush Cleaner is rechargeable by USB, has 3 speeds and for $30 also comes with a cleaning solution.


For squeaky clean brushes I recommend Ecotools Makeup Brush Shampoo. If you’re out of cleanser, Dawn dish liquid soap works like magic! Brushes with a ton of build up can take a few rounds to wash completely. A trick I use to loosen up old makeup is to squeeze a little cleaning solution into my palm and then rub the brush back and forth a few times. You can completely wash your brushes with this same method but it takes more time and are goal here is to get the job done quickly.

But, honestly you should NEVER allow your brushes to get that bad. Not only is heavy build up harder to clean, it creates a paradise for bacteria and overtime, really bad skin.

If for some wild reason the bacteria point isn’t convincing enough for you. Clean brushes equal better makeup application. Yasss… because blending is muy importante!

An electric cleaning system shortens the amount time necessary to clean your most precious makeup tools. Therefore, you have more time to clean them more often. Therefore, no more stressing out because you’re in a rush and need to beat your face. Thank you for coming to my TedTalk.

How to clean dirty makeup brushes fast quickly

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