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It doesn’t matter how far the natural hair movement has come weave is still one of those things we won’t be letting go of. The thing about getting extensions is that the process simply sucks. Luckily for weave lovers, there are so many creatives out there inventing new ways to get you the look you desire. Previously, I shared a the braid-in bundles method that everyone was on the fence about. I thought it was pretty interesting and actually worth a try. You can check that post out here: Braid In Bundles

New Way to Get a Weave Installed

Recently, I came across a video showing another creative way to get extensions. It’s called the Snap Weave. Yes, Snap Weave! You can snap in a full head of tracks in under an hour and I’m still not sure how I feel about this. It basically works by sewing a cap that already has one side of the snaps installed along the perimeter of your hair. Then you simply snap on wefts that have the other side of the snaps pre-installed to the cap. That’s it! Sew it and snap it..

Snap Weave Tutorial

How to Install Weave Without Extensions Without Glue or Sewing

It’s a very interesting concept and I do believe there’s a market for it. In my honest opinion with a little more tweaking and perfecting, this could be something big. This issue I’m finding is that it seems to be a little lumpy when the weave is styled and also it may be easier to just sew on a wig. But, like I said it’s a great idea and probably was released a little too early. I’d love to this improved and re-released at a different time. The thing is now that’s it’s out I’m sure bigger companies are scrambling to create a similar method that seems more feasible to the average woman. We don’t really want to snap in our weaves but give us a better reason why this is useful. There’s a great idea and I just thought of a few of them so if the creator just dug a little deeper I’m sure she’ll make it with her Snap Weave.


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