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BeyHive Alert: New Beyonce

If you’re new here then allow me to reintroduce myself. I am Shanae Wildgoose (real name) one of the few sane members of the Beyhive. I had to mention sane because, we all know the Beyhive is slightly too attached to it’s Queen. Please don’t fight me. Now that the intro is over let’s discuss something I’m sure by now you’ve heard of-Beyonce’s new release.

Ivy Park

She’s famous for her music, videos, performances and documentaries. Just to name a few. But, as much as I’m a fan of Bey, her fashion sense is sometimes questionable. She slays the red carpet and then goes everywhere else like she forgot who she was. Again, please don’t fight me. As I anxiously wait for her to drop the next album she goes ahead and drops an athletic brand instead. Yayyyy! I say that with complete sarcasm because, I didn’t sign up for fashion.

Where’s the music Bey?

Ivy Park is here and it’s not a new album or even a documentary. Beyonce clearly needs to get her priorities straight. I need music sis. It’s actually a new athletic brand that she co-founded… Random right! But, I like it.

While we all wait on new music check out a few of my favorite pieces from Ivy Park.

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