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Stripper Shoes Are In

Supporting the naked hustle no longer requires your hard earned dollar bills. Instead, you can show a united front with your local exotic dancer by getting into this shoe trend. Transparent shoes are hot literally and figuratively. Here’s another 2016 trend that is totally random and unexpected. But, is it for your average girl?

Sure, why the hell not? Don’t let people kill your inner stripper and deter you from slaying this trend. If your feet are bunion free and sweat isn’t your issue then go for it! Now, please keep in mind transparent shoes tell ALL your business. Cracked heels? Don’t do it. Chipped Polish? Don’t do it. Corns on your cob? Don’t do it. Hot outside? Don’t do it. Ankle bracelet? Don’t do it. Ugly feet… you know what beauty is in the eyes of the beholder so love what God gave you. No judgement!

Warning: They May Fog Up and that’s not cute.

I’m not going to lie to you guys, I really love this trend. I think it’s super dope and it’s lack of color means you can throw them on with anything. Is transparent the new nude? Hell no, but while they’re here I’m admiring the fashionistas who have been killing it. While they don’t all opt to go full twerk master with an entire transparent shoe, I find that black tinted boots and simple clear heels to be just as fab.

You know what’s worst than clear shoes? That whole heel-less shoe trend. Remember those tragic days!


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