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What did the product junkie buy?

Sweet Almond Oil

I love this stuff. Not only does it smell really nice, my hair loves it. I use it as the O (oil) in the LCO method (Liquid, Cream, Oil). I know the LOC method is more well known, but I find that applying oil after my Cantu Leave-in, works best for me. After all, oil is a sealant. Sweet almond oil also works as my moisturizer after I exfoliate. I usually apply it while my face is still damp. I also use it before my daily face wash. It’s the same concept as pre- pooing, but for my face. Pre-poo is when you use an oil to condition the hair before shampooing to avoid sulfates from stripping the hair of its natural oils. This can also be done with other oils such as, coconut oil. I only “pre-poo” my face with coconut oil when I’m wearing a lot of make-up. Coconut helps remove the makeup before using my regular face wash.
 Herbal Essence Naked Shampoo

Herbal Essence Naked Shampoo

It has a very light smell of mint and grapefruit and promises to be free of parabens and silicons. Although, I prefer sulfate free shampoo, at $2.50 I just pre-poo with coconut oil before shampooing.


The tea on parabens and silicons…


Parabens are preservatives found in many cosmetic products. It’s really difficult to stay away from this chemical because it is so widely used. Parabens have also been linked to cancer , so naturally it has caused a lot of concern. This could very well be one those things we’re obsessing over for no reason. Either way if there’s a way to avoid a few parabens , then I will.
Silicons are another one of those things that naturals may obsess over for no reason. What silicons do is coat the hair to make it appear shiny or frizz free. Some silicons require sulfates in order to be removed. While other silicons can be removed with just water. The thing is, hair that requires a lot of moisture should probably avoid silicons all together. That is unless you plan on washing your hair daily so that moisture can get through. As stated before, sulfates strip the hair of its natural oils and that’s the last thing dry hair needs.

3 Minute Miracle- Smooth 

This product contradicts the above statement. Anything promising to smooth and give frizz free hair, more than likely has silicons in it. As stated before, silicons aren’t necessarily bad. It’s just important to wash out the cones with appropriate an product. Some cones require sulfates ( found in most shampoo) and others are fine with just water. I haven’t used this as yet, so I won’t give a false review. I just wanted to discuss silicons with you guys.
I’ll have another post dedicated to wash day, using this product.

Gorilla Snot

This is the one time I didn’t read the ingredients. I don’t know what’s in it and dare I say I don’t care. Sometimes a natural girl just needs a certain product and it might not be filled with botanical and magic , but it does its job. Gorilla snot is better than Eco-gel. Yes, I said that. Gorilla snot had my edges laid and coils showed up and showed out. I love it!



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