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raw African black soap all natural


For some strange reason my skin has not been on its usual behavior. I’ve noticed a lot of skin discoloration on my face, little marks and bumps I never had. Luckily, I remembered I still had more Raw African Black Soap that I stopped using ages ago. The thing I hate about this product is that it melts in the shower so I never got that many uses out it. To solve that problem, I decided to liquefy the soap and make a face and body wash. The great thing about black soap is that it’s 100% natural, gentle and can be used for your hair, face and body. With the only ingredients being cocoa pod ashes, palm oil and plantain skin ashes, it’s a lot healthier than most soaps found in stores. These ingredients are packed with vitamin A& E , iron and work well with all skin types.

I read that Black soap has so many amazing benefits for various skin issues. From acne, to marks and excema. It is also fantastic at removing makeup. So far it has made my skin very soft and who doesn’t love soft skin?

Liquid Black Soap Directions

1. Boil Water
2. Add hot water and soap to a bowl
3. Let the soap melt, stirring occasionally
2. Transfer to a storing bottle when cooled
3. Add a preservative- I used Vitamin E Oil and added glycerin to my body wash and will be throwing it out after a week.


Vitamin E doesn’t work as well as actual preservatives designed for cosmetic products. The best way to preserve homemade products without a preservative is in the refrigerator.




Don’t be tempted to taste , it only looks like food!



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  1. I never thought about liquefying mine. My grandfather brought me back some from Ghana when I was in HS but it was too strong. Now I use Dudu Osun and yep, it doesn't sit too well while in the shower. I'm going to give this a try.

  2. Yeah liquefying will definitely dilute it so its not too strong. Thanks for reading

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