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Uniquely colored hair is popping up everywhere. Like an article I wrote not too long ago on how color changed the natural hair game says, color is everything right now. However, it’s hard to build the courage to dye your hair after you’ve worked so hard to get it healthy. The great thing is now you don’t need harsh chemicals. There are options!

Liquid Hair Chalk

So I’ve been in search for liquid chalk for what seems like ages. No one wants to rub that hard hair chalk over every strand of hair. Over the weekend as I was looking through the aisle of a local beauty supply, I jumped for joy and hit a slight twerk when my eyes saw what it saw. Loreal Liquid Hair Chalk! It was only $5.99 and is available in about five shades (violet, bronze, red, blue and PINK POP). I struggled with choosing between the violet and pink pop because the colors are really dope. Definitely have to go back and stock up! In the end, I went home with Pink Pop and it definitely pops, severely.

Loreal Liquid Hair Chalk Review

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