smokey glitter eye

smokey glitter eye

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K.I.S.S Make of The Day

You ever start your makeup with every intent to keep it simple. I’m talking mascara and lip gloss simple. Then you realize half way through contouring you’re an addict and there’s no way lip gloss will be enough. Technically, my look today isn’t too over the top compared to what it could have been but still why do I keep doing this? I think it’s because I surprise myself with how good I’ve been getting with the makeup thing. I still can’t put on also lashes to save my life but I think my beat is pretty legit. One of my best qualities is that I pick up things very quickly. One of my worst qualities is sometimes I don’t give myself enough credit.

And yes, I’m back at it again with the denim skirt. I love it so much! I don’t know what look I was going for. I just know I’ve had these shoes for too long and someone other than me had to see them.

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