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Baby Boomer & Millennial Parenting

Protect the babies…

Millennial mommies do just about everything different from their parents and they will never let you forget it. Our parents feel that we think we know it all, but we really don’t.. well, maybe just a little. They don’t understand that the times have changed. Life isn’t how it used to be! There’s no just put them in the backseat for quick trips to the store. Oh no you better protect my babies and get a car seat.

  • Rear facing until two
  • Latched with necessary belts
  • Fixed at the correct angle according to meter on the side
  • Seat belts snug at chest

OK, we may play around with the rules a little! But you better believe millennials know these facts. We’ll show grandpa these receipts whether he wants them or not. “Seventy percent of car accidents happen within 10 miles of home” ( Random things we might say). “First time every time” (Annoying thing your child’s doctor keeps saying). While our parents remind us for the 365th time that back in their day blah blah blah…. blah blah blah. OK sometimes we get a little over protected. However, I know you see these crazies on the street, cursing your Baby On Board sign under their breath.

My baby won’t eat…

We don’t know it all. but we know the recent a little data on food production.

  • GMOs
  • Pesticides
  • Hormone injections

Let’s not get started on all the recent discoveries in our trusted brands. But Oh! These baby boomers, they don’t get it. They say “When I was your age blah blah blah… blah blah blah. Chef Boyardee is serving noodles, mystery meatballs and a chunk of somebody right arm all in a salty tomato sauce. But, how dare you question what the chef serves? Sometimes, we secretly take our chances and pop a can open while praying those unpronounceable ingredients nourish our innocent children’s souls. We can admit our flaws. We know you feel warm inside when we do these things. Some of us out here making meatballs off Pinterest with organic meat . Only for the kids to play How to Aggravate Mommy with it and ya’ll somewhere thinking “This new generation’s problem is blah blah blah…. blah blah blah.

You look so cute…

Millennial moms today dress our children like their scheduled for TV appearances. A few of us can even admit we got a little ridiculous in this area. I’ve seen children dressed like they’re going for a photo shoot at GQ.

  • sunglasses
  • scarf
  • tailored jacket
  • chinos
  • loafers

Who is this kid? Why does he look uncomfortable? These kids are really adorable and I’m thinking there’s a method to the madness. If you put enough things on a child, it’s makes it harder for them run in public. Well….maybe not! But look guys I’ve found something we can all agree on. Sometimes we as millennials forget the innocence of children. It’s okay to let them wear light up spider-man shoes and get dirty. But, will we stop buying these over the top outfits. Nah, no promises!

Although we live in the days where it’s so easy to get and share information. Where toddlers have tablets and  kids hardly play outside. Sometimes, we don’t want to hear our parent’s advice. We already checked google. We may feel like they don’t keep up with how much things have really changed. Millennial mommies still appreciate the baby boomers. Someone has to tell the stories about the relaxed days, eating real meat, owning houses at twenty. OK, seriously you guys do tell the absolute best stories and no one can buy ya’ll wisdom. So, we’ll let ya’ll give our kids cavities, if we get to buy the organic, real fruit juice gummies in peace. Thanks!

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