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Protective styling is a method of hair styling that protects the ends of your hair and helps with hair growth retention. Keyword retention because protective styling doesn’t actually make your hair grow. What it does is allow for is keeping the hair you already have from breaking off during daily styling.


 What Are Sister Locks?

One hairstyle becoming even more popular in recent years is Sister Locks. Sister Locks resemble micro braids in size and traditional locks in texture. Because of their size, they’re lighter and more versatile than traditional locks. However, they do take much longer to install and can be pricey.  Luckily for those of us that can’t commit to more permanent styles such as sister locks we now have options.

Bobbi Boss has created pre-made micro locs that can be crocheted to look just as natural as sister locks. If you’re worried about having to install 1000 of those tiny strands don’t be. There are “4 strands in each loop” according to Bobbi Boss’s official site and come with “72 strands per pack”. Micro Locs are technically not sister locks but they do look just as fabulous. This is also a great way to try it out until you’re ready to commit to the real deal.

Check out this Bobbi Boss Micro Locs installation tutorial below:


Aren’t they dope?

I love Bobbi Boss so much for this! They look very well made and of course very versatile and easy to install. I’ve officially placed this on my hair bucket goals. What do you guys think of these crocheted Sister Locks look?


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    • Jaye -

    • September 2, 2016 at 12:09 pm

    I love how there is so many options for protective styling. #BLMGirl

    1. Me too girl

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