100 layers of liquid lipstick

Viral Trend: 100 Layers Challenge

The new viral challenge is all about layers, not  a haircut but overly layering everything from nail polish, to lipstick and clothes. I believe it started off with the Nailpolish Moutain where someone got the idea to layer 100 nail polishes on every nail! I barely like using base coat, nail polish and top coat so I’m amazed by the patience and determination! I’m even more amazed by how much this challenge has taken off. I’ve seen videos with 100 layers of foundation, eyebrows, lashes, bindis, and Nutella. That all sounds expensive as hell and the way my bank account set up…


While I had no plans on wasting perfectly good makeup on for the newest themed challenge I did anyway. I had no reason other than boredom and to be honest curiosity. How does one get through 100 layers of anything? Let me tell you guys it was a very interesting experience and of course, I recorded the whole thing. Check me out and please subscribe to my channel

Before The Challenge

100 layers challenge

100 Layers of Liquid Lipstick


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