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About two months ago I posted a video on Youtube talking about trying Virgin Hair Fertilizer for the first time and not liking the results. I felt that the Virgin Hair Fertilizer may have been responsible for breakage (thinning mostly) instead of growth. To be honest, I’ve heard nothing but great things about the product so I was confused by my results. However, a subscriber let me know that there are some fake products going around so maybe it was fake. Maybe I had a bad batch or maybe it simply wasn’t a product for me! Either way, it’s only hair and I’ve moved on to trying different  products in hopes of getting better results.

Hawaiian Silky 14 in 1 and Pine Tar Review

I’m so tempted to do my third big chop and start over but I think it may be best to hold on. I get a little scissor happy and it’s so me to just cut and not look back. But for now, I’ve decided to use Pine Tar under my protective styles (wigs) and Hawaiian Silky as a leave in every day. Check out my new vlog below for more info on these products.

black and beautiful


thinning natural hair

No idea why the resting b**** face is so strong in the above photos but I’m glad to let my fro breath. Y’all know this is the only natural hair style I currently like? It’s because it’s my secret to a fuller look without any of the work. The minute I attempt a two strand twist I look like the poster child for ” I use to have long hair but my mom permed it when I 9 and it never grew back.” That is why I stay with a wig and ask god to bless my edges.

I will be continuing to use Pine Tar, Hawaiian Silky, and protective styling for the next two months. Seeing as I’ll be turning 25 on December 22nd if my hair isn’t right by then I’ll be happily celebrating my born day and the new year with no hair.

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