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Adulting Failures & Mommy Life

Happy Wednesday! This is a late post and most of the day has come and gone but, I hope you’ve enjoyed your day.

I swore up and down last night I wasn’t moving out of bed today. Ms. Syriah ( my 9-month-old) is still struggling to sleep through the night and it’s draining me. I like many mothers choose to co-sleep in spite of the doctors attempt to get them in their own beds. I mean it’s not as if the doctor is providing the actual beds and nanny to deal with the transition anyway. Plus, I’m Bahamian and my West Indian folks know we didn’t grow up with nurseries. A lot of us didn’t get a bed til we could buy one, instead we got a spot. All jokes aside, I woke up exhausted this morning and promised myself a Lil Netflix & Chill…alone(but got more like Netflix & Screaming Kids 🙁 ). That worked for a few hours and then I realized I had actual adulting to do. Ugh, yeah adulting; the job I didn’t apply for and got regardless of my lack of credentials.

BTW, I watched Unexpected. A movie about a teacher and a student that both become pregnant around the same time and form a bond over it. It was filed under movies about white women that make a strong impact on a black student’s life. How UNEXPECTED. Actually, it wasn’t that bad but, it definitely shouldn’t be in a movie theater.

Adulting is Hard

Instead of being a complete bum I decided to get up and be productive. Yayyyy! Why waste an entire day on Netflix? I beat my face, rummaged through my closet, found nothing and then put this OOTD together. After all the hard work of getting my photo shoot on with two kids that have no respect for my plans, I once again found myself drained. If you didn’t see this coming then let me spell it out. I’m still at home watching Netflix. Actually, I’m watching the Tiny House Hunters Collection. Today I learned about Yurts. Interesting!

How often do you fail at adulting?

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  1. It’s not failing.
    It’s being “on a break” (in my best Ross Gellar voice).

    I’m with you on the co-sleeping. Why put the child through all that trauma. I’m like, what does my child need his own room for if he can’t go to his room by himself, potty by himself, bathe himself and put on his pajamas and get into his own bed by himself — seriously what is he going to do with a room of his own?

    And sometimes, you just need to take a day.

    1. Lol right! They don’t need all of that. But, you’re right sometimes breaks are needed.

    • Ehi -

    • April 18, 2016 at 17:12 pm

    I agree it’s not failing its resting. I have a lot of those days

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